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 Nuolen, 26 April 2014

The first SPPA Trophy this year, organized on the Nuolen Pitch and Putt course, was won by the Swiss international player Silvano Umberg. It was quite a start to the new playing season for the 15 year old Jürg Fux, who aced the 72m long 17th hole.

2014 will be a special year for the Swiss Pitch and Putt Association. It will be celebrating 10 years of existence and will also be paying tribute to President Brigitte Albisetti, who is retiring having founded the Association in 2004. Since then she has managed the SPPA with great dedication and commitment.

The 2014 playing season, besides the Swiss Pitch and Putt Championship in St. Moritz (28 June), foresees another five tournaments and the loved Kids Trophy. The weather at the tournament in Nuolen was favourable and the players were delighted to meet together after the long winter season. Silvano Umberg, Swiss Champion in 2009, won the competition with 58 strokes. The highlight of the day was the Hole-in-One from 3-times Swiss Junior Champion Jürg Fux. Unfortunately Jürg couldn't see his ball fall into the hole as the 17th green is some metres higher than the Teeing area, but in any event, this fact didn't spoil his joy.

SPPA Trophy Nuolen (18 holes, Par 54, strokeplay), Saturday, 26th April 2014. 
Gross: 1. Silvano Umberg (Engi) 58. 2. Helmut Roth (Engi) 59. 3. Jürg Fux (Engi/Junior) 60. 4. Felix Eberle (SPPA) 62. 5. Hans-Walter Hoppensack (Engi) 64. 6. Corsin Bass (Seedorf) 67. 7. Heinz Stöckli (Engi) 68. 8. Hans Heiri Legler (Engi) und Johannes Zaugg (SPPA), 72. 10. Ady Baggenstos (Seedorf) 75. 11. Domenico Maddalon (Engi) 76. 
Net: 1. Johannes Zaugg (SPPA) 51.