You might not think golf would have a huge amount of video game titles, but there are nine you can play on the Xbox One alone!

#9 Golf club: Vacant land

In the future timeline of Golf club: Wastelandyou play as a wealthy person who fled Earth to Mars when the planet became uninhabitable.

Now you are back on the planet! Why? To play golf, of course! You will be playing through vast expanses and empty towns to enjoy one last spin on the course that is the world. You will slowly come to understand what happened to Earth and why it fell along the way. This includes listening to a certain radio broadcast from Mars and listening to stories from the golfer himself.

So if you want a more leisurely yet deeper approach to golf, check out this game.

#8 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

For the record, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 was released on Xbox 360, but you can still play it on Xbox One if you want. So now that you know, let’s move on.

The game is part of one of the “peaks” of golf in terms of popularity. It came from a time when Tiger Woods was the #1 golfer in the world and no one could touch him. The title captures what it’s like to play on the PGA Tour and be Tiger on the course.
You’ll play career mode and take online courses with other players to show off who has the best skill.

#7 Golf with your friends

Golf with your friends is quite self-explanatory. This is a game where you can play with your friends in epic mini golf battles which you will all play simultaneously.

By this we mean that the game is played simultaneously, so the goal is to put your golf ball in the hole before your friends! So naturally, they won’t make it easy for you. There are even power-ups in the game that will help you sink your put faster or mess up another player’s work.

If you are not satisfied with the main courses, create your own in the level editor and design the ultimate mini golf course!

#6 Dangerous Golf

As you all know, I hope if something is hit by a golf ball at high speed, things will be hurt or broken. That’s why you have to be careful with your swings and putts. But in dangerous golf, It is not the case at all.

Instead, the goal is maximum damage! You will have 100 courses where the goal is not to sink the ball but to use the ball to smash all around you to get a higher score. If you do enough, you’ll turn your golf ball into a fireball and do even more damage!

So if you’re the kind of person who loves carnage, here you go.

#5 Party Golf

If you’re looking for a more customizable experience or one that gives you plenty of gameplay options, party golf is the title for you.

In it, you’ll be playing in a procedurally generated world that ensures no two holes of golf are played the same. You can play with up to eight players in different game modes that will challenge you in different ways. Or, you can create your own game mode if you wish. In any case, you will have many options to do things and play the game.

Plus, you can stream the game on Twitch if you want!

#4 Outlaw Golf

This next title is not for everyone. No, we think so. The game was designed to be more suitable for an adult audience, so several mature themes are in the game.

outlaw golf will portray you not as professional golfers, but as certain “archetypes” of humanity who aren’t afraid to get rough on the golf course. The game has a lot of adult humor, so be better prepared for that.

A unique mechanism of the title, however, is the “Composition Meter”. The better you get, the more the meter goes up, but the better you get, the more your composure drops. The lower your self-control, the worse you do.

#3 Powerstar Golf

Getting back to healthier games, we have Power Star Golf. The title is easy to learn but difficult to master as it is a skill-based game like the others we have discussed.

You’ll choose from a host of characters, each of which has a unique ability that you can use on the golf courses you play on. The courses are located in many exotic locations, so you will have great visuals every time you play.

Plus, you can customize your character in multiple ways, including their gear, clubs, and even the golf ball you use. Then put your skills online to play against rivals.

#2 The Golf Club 2019

The last two games that we will show you have links to the PGA Tour in more or less important ways. For instance, The Golf Club 2019 is a collaboration with the PGA. Inasmuch as they have a unique “PGA Tour career mode” in the title. Thanks to this, you will fight to win the FedEx Cup!

Equally important, you’ll be playing on real golf courses used on the PGA Tour. Improve your experience.

Another exciting aspect of the game is that the sponsors will want to support you and challenge you to get bigger rewards. So put your skills to the test in The Golf Club 2019 and see if you can come out on top.

#1 PGA Tour 2K21

Finally, we have the official PGA Tour game, its modern version anyway. PGA Tour 2K21 will allow you to live your golf dreams by participating in the PGA Tour at the highest level. Of course, that includes battling other PGA golfers on the course, like Justin Thomas.

Once you’ve created your golfer, you can customize him with all kinds of equipment and clothing to match your style.

Then, when you’re ready to push your skills even further, switch to online mode and create your very own clubhouse! You can set the rules that everyone must follow and create a unique golf experience.