LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Practice makes perfect. Every day, Matthew White swings his poles in the direction of Augusta National.

Next weekend, White, just nine years old, will represent Lexington in the Boys 7-9 division of the Drive, Chip, & Putt National Championship. The tournament with a field of 80 golfers will take place on the grounds of the Masters on April 3.

“It’s really cool to go out there and see the history, but it’s also cool to at least walk the field,” White told FOX 56 Sports. “I would never expect to walk the pitch at this age, but now that I can go there at the age of nine, it’s different from what I expected.”

Expectations don’t always come true, but for Matthew and his family, faith and expectations go together like fairways and 3 woods.

I always thought he was the most special kid on the planet, and he gave me little glimpses of that along the way,” said Matthew’s father, Michael White.

White can drive it, chip it, and putt it with the best of the best in the Midwest. Now he can try his hand at being a national champion and bring some gear back to Lexington.