Around noon on Friday, August 19, the fairway rough of the fifth hole at Bass Rocks Golf Club finally delivered a time capsule that a father and two sons had tried to dig up earlier this summer.

Dr. Jon Dubin, an emergency physician from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, and his two young sons had attempted to locate the homemade time capsule on June 28. Dubin and his ex-wife had buried the capsule for his 11-year-old son. at Bass Rocks Golf Club on Beach Road on July 4, 2010.

They arrived empty after 2 and a half hours of digging.

Frustrated at not being able to locate a capsule filled with memories, Jon Dubin decided to try again before his boys returned to school.

Dubin, Benjamin, 11, and Avery, 9, made the nine-hour journey to Gloucester midweek last week. On Friday, they located the time capsule at the base of a stone pillar a few yards from where they were digging in June.

Among the treasure inside was a plastic music box that plays “When You Wish On A Star”, a wind-up alien toy, a toy gyroscope, a container of Silly Putty, soft modeling clay, a kaleidoscope, a plastic dinosaur, a tape measure, a plastic frog, two letters including one labeled “To Benjamin of the Year 2010”, and an ultrasound of Benjamin in his mother’s womb.

The capsule was made of PVC pipes that had been plugged at both ends, wrapped in plastic, and sealed with tape. On it was written the message: “If found, please do not throw it away”.

The Dubins were aided in their final dig by photos the father had located when the capsule was buried in 2010. In June, Dubin recalled how they had buried the time capsule after crossing a path from the old Ocean View Inn. He remembers that they buried him in front of a stone pillar.

Dubin provided a written account of the discovery, saying they first met golf club staff member Thomas McAuliffe, who took them to the fifth hole.

“We double-checked our old photos until we were confident we were in the right place,” Dubin said. They dug a big hole that they thought they could uncover, but it was still empty.

“I thought we’d pull the plug and find her. No capsule. Dug beyond the depth, the old photo indicated that we had buried it. Nothing. Everyone (was) speculating that he couldn’t be there. None of that made sense,” Dubin said. “Incredibly, it looked like we might not find him again.”

Then they dug to the left of the pillar and reached the end of the time capsule and everyone was thrilled, he said. “So a pleasure to dig it.”

“There she blows,” Benjamin shouted in a video as he released the capsule from the ground.

Needless to say, Benjamin was eager to see what was inside the capsule, Dubin said.

They removed the outer plastic from the golf club and opened it up. On the porch of the Colonial Inn, they opened the bags of items that had been sealed in the capsule.

Dubin was a gymnastics coach in Gloucester in the 1970s, and it’s a place he and his family enjoy coming to visit.

The story of the time capsule had been told to Benjamin all his life and it was to be unearthed when he was 10, but the COVID-19 pandemic delayed those plans. Dubin also buried a time capsule for her youngest son in Pennsylvania.