A Northamptonshire golf club has asked for 77 homes to be built in order to ‘stay viable’ after nearly two decades of declining memberships.

Overstone Park has submitted the proposals to West Northamptonshire Council, saying the properties will be of high quality.

The proposed program would also include new parking facilities, landscaping and renovation of existing facilities.

The planning documents say“The proposed scheme is designed as a development of spacious, high quality holiday lodges set in an attractive landscape which provides visitors with immediate access to both the countryside, golf and other recreational opportunities available within the park. and Northampton, as well as access to other nearby facilities and services.

“In this case, visitors would have immediate access to leisure and recreational uses of the park, including the golf course.

“The proposal would add to the demand for use of Overstone Park facilities and help ensure the long-term success and sustainability of leisure and recreational uses. This is particularly relevant when it comes to the golf course.

The planning documents go on to say that golf club memberships have been in decline since 2004 and this new plan hopes to fix that.

Overstone Park. Image of Facebook

“This has inevitably put financial pressure on many golf clubs that rely on this membership revenue, and has led many clubs, including Overstone, to seek additional and alternative ways to pursue revenue and remain viable.

“Overstone Park Golf Club is not immune to these challenges and the resort needs to identify future opportunities to both secure its future but more importantly secure sufficient revenue to enable investment in the course, club and the station as a whole.

“The business has underperformed in recent years, partly due to the impact of Covid-19, but mainly due to a lack of investment in facilities and therefore a decline in the quality of supply. .

“By meeting the demand for holiday units that the planning and tourism policy seeks to provide, the additional revenue generated would ensure the park’s continued position as one of the region’s high quality courses, securing investment future in the course, its maintenance and its improvement,” the report states.

The resort says it wants to invest in improving the quality of all facilities on the site, including the main clubhouse and leisure and recreation offering, and therefore provide additional employment opportunities.

As a result of the proposals, the club believe employment will increase at the station.