By Michael Gruber, President, Building Industry Association of Stark & ​​East Central Ohio

December is the last month for me as President of the Building Industry Association of Stark & ​​East Central Ohio. It has been a very quick and rewarding twelve month period and I have enjoyed the opportunity to pass on what I hope you have found useful information related to the home construction and renovation industry. From January 1, the BIA will be in the very capable hands of Holly Waldenmyer, who will be its president for 2022.

In many ways, Covid once again dominated the year starting with the cancellation of the National Association of Home Builders show in Orlando, Florida. Fortunately, as the year went on, we were able to make some progress towards getting back to normalcy. Home construction and renovation has continued at a very high rate, which is extremely beneficial to our local economy.

Thanks to the excellent and dedicated work of Joe Race and Laura McVay, Executive Director and BIA staff member, we were able to keep our events going while hosting the Home and Garden Show at the Stark County Fairgrounds, The Golf Outing BIA, the industry evening, which is the local show of our association, and above all a parade of houses.

Many building associations across the state and country ended up canceling all or most of their events, but thanks to the planning, improvisation, and hard work of Joe and Laura, we were able to make it happen. sets all of our normal programs. Considerable time and effort is already being devoted to these events for 2022.

I would like to personally thank Joe Race and Laura McVay for all of their help in keeping my year as President going very well. I would also like to thank the other lawyers and staff at Gruber, Thomas & Co. for doing what was necessary to give me the time to be the President of the BIA this year.

Volunteering for this type of associative work requires teamwork and I was fortunate to have a dedicated team both at the office and at the BIA.

This year, we made an effort to reach out to our BIA members who had expertise in the topics covered in each week’s column. I would also like to thank these individuals for providing the knowledge and guidance necessary to help make this column a success and hopefully meaningful to you, the readers. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people throughout the year who read these articles and gave me favorable comments.

I personally wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Let’s all work to make 2022 even better and more prosperous than 2021.