We’re back for Part II of our latest Sports Business mailbag. Part I covered all your questions about RSN, streaming, and trading cards. In this edition, it’s Aaron Judge’s historic home run balls, LIV Golf, MLB playoff start times, college football broadcast rights, and everything else you asked for.

The questions have been edited for clarity and length. Let’s dive into…

GO DEEPERRSN struggles, the future of streaming, trading cards: Sports Business Mailbag, Part I

Would football ever consider a football-style (no ads) or Masters-style (very limited ads) presentation? Could limited commercial inventory sales be offset by increased viewership, especially in the long run, if they made these games shorter by eliminating ad time?

-Chuck B.

No, and for several years. First, the size of the NFL’s audience is the reason networks can charge so much for ads. So even a growing audience doesn’t matter to the networks if they can’t monetize the eyeballs. I also don’t think it would attract many more fans. And finally, the very nature of football requires breaks. It’s not a continuous action sport like hockey or basketball, so what do you stream during those breaks?

Does the IRS ‘treasure’ rule apply to the guy who caught the 62nd HR ball from Judge (Aaron) if he keeps it? If he returns it to the judge within a reasonable time, he would not be taxed on capital gains if he sells it, but what if he keeps it?

– Scott C.