CAXIAS do Sul, Brazil, May 12 – As his medal aspirations came to fruition at the 24th edition of the Summer Deaflympics, Kenyan deaf golfer Gilbert Alikula remained optimistic and unfazed.

Alikula drove all the way to Caxius do Sul to cheer on eventual fellow bronze medalist Isaac Makokha.

But spectators and teammates failed to realize that it was actually Alikula who mentored Makokha into the player he is today.

“When we were in Eldoret I was the first to play golf and I taught Makokha a lot when we were growing up.”

“So he was the second deaf golfer at the time and I also met Wario (Adan) and coached him a bit. I coached them and I’m proud that Makokha won that medal.

Alikula nonetheless loved his competition and indeed in the first round of 18 he didn’t fare so well.

“For the next time I perform better in an international competition, I have to really play competitively. And also, I plan to be involved with more hearing people in the game at home.

Alikula blamed his failure on his caddy who he said lost focus at some point in the game.

“My caddy, Grace, was a bit tired and because it was a new course with a hilly slope, I had to help her and my caddy for me at one point.

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