Picture: Yezro

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Hardly any sport is as intuitive and accurate in virtual reality as golf. An aluminum mount for Quest 2 promises even more authenticity.

Virtual reality is like a surprise bag. Even when I first started using the HTC Vive in 2016, I was mostly fascinated by the low-key Cloudlands: VR Minigolf. To my amazement, the club in the virtual world acted as an extension of the stick-like Vive controller, allowing for incredibly precise shots.

Mighty Coconut’s sociable Walkabout Minigolf (review) has also become a perennial favorite among MIXED editors. There’s hardly a more comfortable way to get together with friends in VR to enjoy lovingly implemented licensed courses that are also compelling in terms of play. VR games about “real” golf also benefit from the support potential, such as Golf+ from ProPutt.

VR Golf Clubs for Meta Quest (2)

It’s no wonder, then, that accessory vendors want to take advantage of the concept even more and sell various golf club accessories for the Meta Quest 2 VR controllers. One of particular interest is the “Yezro Y11 Golf Club Handle for Oculus Quest 2”. Here the the shaft is made of aluminum. This could provide a more authentic gaming experience than the plastic or carbon fiber competition.

Yezro advertises good grip and long-term comfort when playing VR golf. | Picture: Yezro

Players tighten the lower tip of the controller in the foam insert with a screw mechanism. To prevent the safety cord from hanging wildly, there is a retaining hole for its clip. An elastic is included for the grip button. If you continuously drag it to the button, you can activate aim assist in games like Golf+ without manually holding the button down.

At around 16 inches (about 41cm), the binding isn’t as long as real irons and doesn’t offer telescoping extension like some competitive models. At over a third of a pound, however, it should at least transmit some pretty authentic weight when hitting the ball.


Golf club instead of lacrosse

VRScout magazine tested the accessory and particularly praised the rumble effect, which transmits well. Setup also proved easy in supported titles such as Walkabout Minigolf and Golf+. Both titles mentioned offer corresponding settings for calibration.

The “Y11 Golf Club Grip” for Quest 2 is available from Yezro’s official US store on Amazon for $44.99. That is, before taxes and shipping charges.

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