Sky Sports News’ Jamie Weir described how an anonymous LIV Golf player told him to ‘fuck off’ when asked a question during the 150th Open Championship at St Andrews last week.

Weir reportedly asked golfer LIV if he was worried the Open might be his last major championship for a while.

LIV Golf player Lee Westwood responded to Weir’s tweet saying he heard the conversation in question at St Andrews, but he also took aim at the Sky Sports News reporter for having an apparent ‘agenda’ against players at LIV Golf.

Weir tweeted about the angry LIV Golf player in response to Nosferatu’s projected global ranking of LIV Golf players at the end of 2022 and the end of March 2023 assuming no other OWGR events are played.

“It’s strange how one of the players listed below, when I asked him at the Open if he was worried this would be his last major or sometime, told me to ‘fuck me ” and that was a “fuckin’ question.”

Westwood replied to Weir’s tweet: “It wasn’t me but I heard the conversation in question. Jamie works for Sky. They cover the PGA and DPWT. Where do you think their loyalty lies and what is their program?

Weir replied, “How is it to ask ‘are you worried this will be your last major for a while? showing an agenda? !!”

Westwood replied, “Are you sitting on your phone? I’m going to need a bigger boat!”

Golf fans have since responded to the tweets trying to determine which LIV Golf player made the comments to Weir.

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