Legendary golfer Annika Sörenstam had her hands full at the PGA Show 2022. The 10-time major winner and 72-time LPGA event champion is involved in all kinds of businesses and charitable endeavors while continuing to compete at occasional events.

On Thursday, Sörenstam joined CBS Sports HQ (watch in the player above) to discuss her recent qualification for the US Women’s Open, the next generation of golfers and where she sees the sport progressing in the future.

Sörenstam retired from competitive golf in 2008 after winning 90 international tournaments, the most ever won by a female golfer.

With a victory at the US Senior Women’s Open in August and a potential spot awaiting her at the US Women’s Open in June, Sörenstam is now considering going back, although she has yet to make a decision.

Regarding a potential return of the US Women’s Open to cycling, Sörenstam joked: “You don’t just get back on the bike and do the Tour de France.”

Although the competitive nature of an athlete never goes away, Sörenstam said she enjoys where she is currently in life, plays golf on a more social level, and enjoys teaching the game to her friends. children.

She was also able to dedicate time to young players, setting a new goal to help others live their golf dreams as she was able to live hers.

In her time off from professional golf, Sörenstam has remained active in the golf community, establishing the ANNIKA Foundation to provide playing opportunities for young girls, the next generation of golfers.

“Golf is an amazing sport. It’s a sport for life and…if I can contribute anything, whether it’s junior girls or women or whatever I want to say, that’s a thrill for me. J love the game, even though I don’t play it, there are still things I can do, so I’m excited about the opportunities for golf,” she said.

Sörenstam wants to say “thank you” to the game that has given him so many opportunities and is focused on making golf a better place tomorrow.