Cincinnati Athletics has over 400 student-athletes who are doing amazing things on and off the field. Some will become pro in the sport. Some will go on to do great things in business, medicine or other professional fields. All will be Bearcats for life. These are their stories.

Cincinnati women’s golf student-athlete Paola Rosario brings a wealth of international playing experience to the Bearcats roster. The junior has represented Puerto Rico at numerous international tournaments, including the World Amateur Championships last summer in Paris.

She got off to a good start in her Bearcat career after transferring from Shorter University. She was Cincinnati’s top performer at the Coeur d’Alene Collegiate Invitational where she finished tied for 24th with a score of 219 (+6). She shot a season-low 70 in the second round.

Learn more about Rosario below!

How did you discover international competition?

“I wanted to play for the Puerto Rican national team and represent my heritage for a very long time. I finally got the chance to represent Puerto Rico after participating in a tournament on the island.”

How does it feel to represent Puerto Rico internationally?

“It is a great honor to represent an island that makes me who I am. It has given me incredible opportunities to travel to countries all over the world. I have also had the opportunity to play in tournaments with some of the best golfers of this generation.”

You recently competed for Puerto Rico in the World Amateur Tag Team Championships. Can you talk about this experience?

“The experience was amazing! This year the tournament was held in Paris, France. We played on two of the most prestigious golf courses in Paris. One of the courses is going to host the next Olympic Games, this which is so crazy. It’s exciting to think of playing on a course where the pros will be playing in a few years. I’ve met so many amazing golfers and eaten exotic food. Learning and experiencing a culture and atmosphere different was something I will cherish for years to come.”

What’s your favorite country you’ve traveled to for golf?

“I may be a bit biased, but my favorite has to be Puerto Rico. That’s what started my experience with the Puerto Rican national team. Besides the fact that going to the island means I have the chance to see my friends and family!”

The 2022-23 season started at home with the Jennifer Duke Invitational. How did you feel opening the season on your home run and in front of your family and friends?

“It was surreal to be able to experience my first tournament in Cincinnati with the whole team. My parents drove over from Florida and it was great to see them after two weeks away. It was also great to see a lot of our teachers supported the team. It was a great welcome to the Cincinnati experience.

Why did you choose UC?

“I chose UC because the women’s golf team was very welcoming during my decision-making process. The support from the athletic department and its student-athletes was heartwarming. It made my decision much easier. “

What are your goals for this season?

“I believe as a team we want to show growth from past years. We are more than capable of winning a tournament this season. For me, I would like to win a tournament and maintain a good points average .”

What are your career goals?

“My career goals are not set in stone yet, but I would like to pursue a career in golf. Playing professional golf would be a dream come true. Having the opportunity to travel the world and play the sport that I love seems very good to me.”

What is your specialty and why did you choose it?

“I am a biochemistry student. I chose this field because I have always loved science. Growing up, it made sense to me. After pursuing a career as a professional golfer, I would like to get into the medical domain.”

How did you start playing golf?

“I used to play football growing up so I was always very competitive. My parents started seeing if I was interested in other sports and golf piqued my interest. started focusing on golf in college and have been playing ever since.”

Who is your role model?

“My role model is my mother. She is the definition of a strong woman and has always taught me to be independent. She is always so positive and supportive. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

“I would choose Jennifer Lopez. I grew up watching her movies and listening to her music. I always dreamed of meeting her.”

Who is your favorite golfer?

“My favorite golfer is Tiger Woods. I grew up watching him play and everything he has done for the game is amazing.”

What Makes Unified Communications Great?

“It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. People at UC are so supportive of athletics. The city has its own culture. There’s so much diversity in people and food. The campus is also so unique; there’s so much to love.”

Who’s the funniest on the team?

“Absolutely Paighton Masterson. She can always find a way to make someone smile and laugh; it’s contagious. She’s goofy and not afraid to be herself.”