Nebraska’s golf scene has exploded onto the national stage in recent decades with layouts that take great advantage of the state’s sand dunes and other natural wonders. The #1 modern course in the United States, the private Sand Hills, is in the state of Cornhusker, and the best public access layouts that have followed in its wake are nothing short of astounding.

And progress has not slowed. Two new courses, Landmand Golf Club and Lost Rails Golf Club, opened in 2022 and promise to join Golfweek’s top rankings as they garner enough votes. There’s more to come too.

Golfweek’s Best offers numerous lists of course rankings, with the best public-access courses in each state among the most popular. All of the courses on this list allow public access in one way or another, whether it’s standard daily green fees, through a resort, or by staying at an affiliated hotel. If there is a will, there is a starting time.

Also popular are the Top Golfweek rankings of the best private courses in every state, and this list of Nebraska’s prestigious private offerings is also included below.

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(m): Modern course, built in 1960 or later
(c): classic course, built before 1960

Note: If there is a number in parentheses with the m or c, it indicates where this course ranks among Golfweek’s top 200 modern or classic courses.

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Best Public Access Courses in Nebraska in 2022

The Dunes course at the Prairie Club in Nebraska (Courtesy of the Prairie Club)

1. Prairie Club (Dunes)
Valentine (T79m)

2. Wild Horse
Gothenburg (T110m)

3. Prairie Club (Pines)
Valentine (m)

4. Bay side
Burned (m)

5. Quarry oaks
Ashland (m)

Best Private Lessons in Nebraska in 2022

Dismal River Club’s Doak Course (red) in Nebraska (Courtesy of Dismal River)

1. Sand hills
Mullen (1m)

2. CapRock Ranch*
Valentine (m)

3. Dismal River Club (Red/Doak)
Mullen (39m)

4. Omaha CC
Omaha (T121c)

5. Arbor Links
Nebraska City (m)

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