Should furry friends be allowed on our beloved fairways? It’s one of the hottest debates in golf – and even the NCG team is divided! Dan Murphy and Hannah Holden do their business

Should dogs be allowed on golf courses? While dog lovers often like to bring their dogs with them to the course, many golfers look down on them when they walk around while getting ready for a peaceful round.

It is also a controversial subject within the clubs themselves. Many courses are happy to have dogs, given that they are well behaved, leashed and do not interfere with competitions. But some clubs take the opposite stance, outright banning dogs in favor of others and the course itself.

So, since it was National Dog Day, we thought we’d start the debate again and try to settle this once and for all!

How is it socially acceptable to inflict your dog on other people?

I don’t see what business dogs have on a course, written Dan Murphy.

“We all know parents can be terrible at assuming everyone is as infatuated with their children as they are. Dog owners are even worse in my experience.

Personally, I find dogs to be smelly, licking, sticky, barking, hairy, intrusive creatures that don’t respect social boundaries. And the bigger they are, the less I like them. Give me a listless cat any day of the week.

Anyway, I don’t really see what business dogs have on a golf course. How is it socially acceptable to inflict your dog on other people? No wonder dogs themselves don’t know how to behave. They are literally rewarded for licking and climbing humans.

If you have to bring your dog on the links then I guess I can live with it as long as you can guarantee he won’t come near me and you don’t expect me to coo in wonder every time he’s chasing a rabbit. or sits obediently beside his master’s cart.

I can think of many golfers with a worse tag than my dog!

Let the dogs out writes Hannah Holden.

“Golf with dogs is as old as the sport, and I think more clubs need to get involved. If I’m going to walk around a course for four hours, it doesn’t make sense that I can’t take my dog with me Imagine how happy my pooch will be chasing a ball for 18 holes.

Spending time with my dog ​​is one of my favorite hobbies, so combining that with a round of golf is the perfect scenario.

I think it could also help my fellow golfers. Our furry friends are known to spread happiness wherever they go. And, given the state in which some golfers find themselves after a bad shot, a four-legged friend to calm them down would probably be a good thing.

Obviously, dogs should be reasonably well trained or constantly on a leash, and owners should be reasonable and know not to bring them in if they misbehave. But I can think of many golfers with a worse tag than my dog!

As long as it doesn’t interfere with someone else’s play, let the dogs out!

What do you think? Should dogs be allowed on golf courses? Let us know in the comments or send us a Tweeter.

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