HOWLAND – The Howland Township Park Board received a $28,000 quote Friday from ALC Technologies to purchase and install 20 cameras, including several license plate cameras, at the Township of Howland.

The quote does not include the cost of approximately five poles and electrical equipment which would need to be installed for the cameras to cover areas close to the Tiger Town playing field and tennis courts.

Of the 20 cameras on offer, several could read license plates in the dark, costing about $880, according to ALC’s Bill Walsh. Traditional cameras cost around $170, Walsh said. The quote also includes the cost of point-to-point video transmission for cameras that cannot be wired into the system.

Park Commissioners Shawn Pompelia, Jessica Gault and Allen Seman will meet at 9 a.m. on August 22 at the Wright Building in the Howland Township Park for a working session to review ALC Technologies’ proposal. Park commissioners will also be soliciting more quotes for the project, as required by state law.

The council has worked with ALC so far because the company manages existing cameras in the park, Gault said. There are about eight cameras, five of which are working.

The park, including its restrooms, has been repeatedly targeted by vandals.

“I don’t want to spend that money, but that’s the world we live in,” Pompelia said when discussing the need to install more cameras.

On Friday, park commissioners also discussed the progress of the 18-hole Tiger Town disc golf course, sponsored by ServiceMaster by Lewis Construction.

Brad Silvers of the Trumbull County Disc Golf Association told park commissioners that the baskets for the course will arrive on Monday. The fairways are set and three people have played the course this week, marking where tees and baskets will go, he said.

So far, the Trumbull County Disc Golf Association has put in more than 100 volunteer hours preparing the course, which should be playable in late September or early October.

Silvers said the ground still needs to be leveled in some parts of the course and he wants to plant fast-growing poplar trees in some areas to better separate the fairways.

Benjamin James, 17, of Howland, a scout with Troop 41001, asked the park commissioners if he could do a project in the park in Howland Township for his Eagle Scout award. Silvers suggested James build a gazebo or notice board to display information about the disc golf course, including a map, sponsors and upcoming events.

If the project is approved by his scout master, James will coordinate with Silvers to build the gazebo.

In other cases, park commissioners have agreed to have a title search conducted to determine the boundaries of the land the park board leases to local Howland schools. A search by Title Company of Warren should cost between $350 and $500.

Park commissioners also applauded township administrators for voting in favor of just under $22,000 to restore the boardwalk in the wetlands behind the township park baseball diamonds.

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