10:09 april 3, 2022

10:10 april 3, 2022

A town’s golf club has pulled out all the stops by raising £3,000 in just one week to support aid efforts in Ukraine.

Money raised by Bungay and Waveney Valley Golf Club is to be donated to the British Red Cross DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

The fundraiser was organized by the women’s section of the club but was fully supported by all members.

The regular weekly women’s competition day was instead devoted to raising funds in support of Ukraine.

All competitors dressed in blue and yellow, the country’s national colors.

Members played with blue and yellow golf balls donated by the club’s golf professional, and members wore a Ukraine support badge made by a member of the club.

Players paid a minimum of £5 to enter the competition, which included the special Support for Ukraine game kit.

Club member Hilary Mason, who organized the event, said: “Around the course we placed ‘penalty bunkers’ which resulted in a minimum donation of £1.

“The clubhouse was decorated in blue and yellow, including table runners and sunflowers, and we served traditional Ukrainian vegetable soup and bread after the game.

“Golf club members and local businesses donated a large number of raffle prizes – tickets which raised nearly £700.

“For higher value donations – ranging from vacation homes to free earwax removal, I’m not kidding, we held a week-long ‘silent auction’.”

Hilary said it was ‘humbling’ to see the community come together to help the cause.

She added: “It was a great turnout and good vibe that day and I was humbled and grateful to see so much of the Bungay community coming out to support us.

“Lots of companies also got involved and donated and that was great given that many have suffered due to Covid.

“We chose the British Red Cross because they are the workers on the front lines helping the war effort.

“As a former teacher and mother, I hope that the money raised will help families and children who are suffering because of the conflict.

“Seeing everyone come together like they did makes me proud to live in Bungay.”