Greyhounds end regular season with win at Courtney Cox Cole Invitational


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NOBLESVILLE — Winning has become a hard habit to break for the Carmel women’s golf team — not that the Greyhounds want it to.

Carmel ended the regular season with another victory, this time at the Courtney Cox Cole Invitational, hosted by Noblesville in Harbor Trees. The ‘Hounds totaled 295, marking their fifth straight 18-hole tournament victory.

Nine schools participated in the annual Millers’ Invitational Tournament which was renamed in honor of the legendary Noblesville student-athlete, state golf and basketball champion. The Millers had two teams at the event, with their black team placing second. Westfield finished third and had the individual medalist in Samantha Brown.

The Noblesville Invitational was renamed in honor of Courtney Cox Cole, the Millers’ outstanding student-athlete in golf and basketball. (Richie Hall)


Carmel’s depth has been exceptional this season, and it was proven once again as the Greyhounds headed for another tournament win. Carmel’s low woman was her No. 5, Sophie Mock, who finished with an even par 71. Ava Nguyen was next at an even 73, followed by Claire Swathwood at an even 74.

“They’re the perfect example of a team,” Greyhounds coach Kelly Kluesner said. “You may not have your fastest lap, but someone else steps in. I think we had, I don’t even know how many different medalists or bad scorers from different playing positions on our team. It’s quite incredible. It’s just a wonderful group to coach and hang out with on a daily basis.

Noblesville was led by Caroline Whallon, who scored a 72; she helped the Millers’ Black team finish second with a team score of 310. Josie Kelley added a 76.

Brown was the only player under par. She made her run with a solid 33 on the front nine and birdied at the end of her round to stay ahead.

“I think I made it around the course,” Brown said. “There were definitely some ups and downs, but overall I think I played well.”

Westfield finished with a team score of 316. Addi Kooi assisted with 73.

Hamilton Southeastern finished fourth as a team with a 333. Ella Bui led the Royals with a 79. Guerin Catholic’s Izzy Pinon scored an 85 to lead the Golden Eagles, while Sarah Majeski was the lowest Fishers woman with a 92.

(Left) Westfield’s Samantha Brown was the medalist of the competition, scoring a two-under par 69 and helping the Shamrocks finish third.
(Center) Noblesville’s Caroline Whallon scored a 72 and was part of the Millers Black runners-up team at the Invitational. (Right) Hamilton Southeastern rookie Janelle Garcia scored an 84 and helped the Royals take fourth place. (Richie Hall)

Team scores: Carmel 295, Noblesville Black 310, Westfield 316, Hamilton Southeastern 333, Noblesville Gold 352, Guerin Catholic 367, Fishers 377, Lapel 394, Cathedral 435, Lafayette Jefferson 438.

Medal: Samantha Brown (Westfield) 33-36-69.

Carmen brand: Sophie Mock 38-33=71, Ava Nguyen 35-38=73, Claire Swathwood 39-35=74, Michaela Headlee 39-38=77, Kamryn Williams 38-43=81.

Noblesville Black brand: Caroline Whallon 35-37=72, Josie Kelley 37-39=76, Karis Shields 42-38=80, Jordan Adam 41-41=82, Olivia Fowler 43-43=86.

Other scores by Westfield: Addi Kooi 38-35=73, Kelsey Haverluck 43-44=87, Allie McKeown 45-42=87, Claire Thompson 42-47=89.

Southeast Notes: Ella Bui 39-40=79, Janelle Garcia 39-45=84, Lauren Stewart 44-41=85, Cora Zink 45-40=85, Makenna Watson 42-45=87.

Noblesville Gold brand: Olivia Anderson 43-41=84, Presley White 43-45=88, Emma Leming 46-42=88, Savannah Munson 45-47=92, Peyton Kauzlick 49-48=97.

Guérin Catholic brand: Izzy Pinon 46-39=85, Sydney Delagrange 48-44=92, Sarah Rigg 50-45=95, Ali Scott 49-46=95, Gracie Navarro 62-52=114.

Angler scores: Sarah Majeski 49-43=92, Olivia Holding 43-50=93, Kate Jansen 45-50=95, Kristi Lilek 49-48=97, Lola Kivett 51-512=103.

Individual from Noblesville: Ally Hutchinson 49-44=93.