Development designer David Schwerd stared at a stand-up-only meeting on Wednesday afternoon and gave his presentation.

“I know I’m enemy number one in the room tonight,” he told the Carolina Forest crowd of about 200.

Schwerd was at the Carolina Forest Recreation Center to explain the details of the River Oaks Golf Club redevelopment. Neighbors showed up to ask questions and learn the fate of the golf course.

Schwerd told the crowd that if they were there to try to prevent the course from closing, they were at the wrong meeting.

“It’s not a question of whether the course will close but how it will be redeveloped,” he said.

Saying he was just a designer and not the owner of the property, Schwerd said he really didn’t know the course’s closing schedule.

“Maybe a year, maybe 10 years,” he said. He noted that the economic climate will be an important factor in the closing date. Even then, he said, it will take up to two years to obtain the necessary permits and possibly six to ten years to fully develop the land.

The nearly 200 acres are zoned SF-10, which requires lots of 10,000 square feet. The proposed plan calls for changing the zoning to MRD-2, which has lots no larger than 6,000 square feet. If the zoning application is approved, the developer is locked into exactly what the planning commission and Horry County Council agree to.

Schwerd said the latest plans have single-family homes, duplexes and townhouses, but the density of new development is still lower than most developments in the area. The developer has plans for just over 500 living units. The development would have 3.24 units per acre.

The public expressed concerns about the increased traffic that would come from the new homes.

A proposed development agreement with the county, Schwerd said, plans to pay $540 per unit to go to a fund to widen River Oaks Drive. He said the county would be responsible for widening the road and the timing would be up to county officials. He said the proponent will conduct a traffic study to determine if changes or additions to road plans are warranted.