The city of Spokane is increasing its investment in water conservation efforts, at least in its parks and golf courses.

The public works department has agreed to give the parks department $ 250,000 per year for the next 10 years to implement new water saving plans.

Parks manager Garrett Jones said the city will buy new equipment that won’t require people to manually start and move sprinklers. He says work began two years ago.

“We aimed to achieve a 30% reduction on each of our golf courses and we were able to do it,” he said.

Jones says the city is also exploring ways to minimize watering in its parks.

“We carried out a partner project, in partnership with Public Works, last year at Manito. We converted about two acres of existing irrigated sod and converted it to native natural landscape. We rate parks like Audubon, Coeur d’Alene, High Bridge, Manito, Cannon Hill. These are all areas that are still irrigated manually and so how can we look at the areas to be more efficient and then further integrate this native landscaping, ”he said.

Jones says the upgrades have saved the city tens of millions of gallons of water while increasing the quality of facilities, especially on golf courses.

“We have seen that the quality of the game and the health of the turf are now at a better level than before,” he said. able to water off peak hours so as not to stress the whole system and this also helps us to meet infrastructure needs.

The city says the new agreement will facilitate its community education work and provide examples of water-saving projects that community members could use in their homes or businesses.