Cole Haan OriginalGrand Tour Shoe Review

To be honest, it wasn’t until recently that I found out that Cole Haan had re-entered the golf shoe market after a long absence. I’ve had several pairs of Cole Haan dress shoes over the years and have been happy with every pair I’ve owned, so I was really looking forward to testing the new Cole Haan golf shoe, the OriginalGrand Tour .

Unboxing the shoes upon arrival, my first impression was…wow! Simply put, these shoes are visually stunning. The premium leather upper exuded quality and the details incorporated into the design were thorough and impressive. Three color options are available in the OriginalGrand Tour – white, black and a white/black combo. I was sent the white version, which took me back to a time when the most popular and best golf shoes looked like classic wingtips.

Of course, anyone who decades ago wore classic leather golf shoes like the ones I describe also knows how heavy they could be, their metal spikes not helping the cause. Even the most comfortable pairs can weigh on your feet after games due to their weight. The OriginalGrand Tour was not heavy at all, however. It felt like an old school classic, but in the hand it felt like a modern sneaker from a weight standpoint.

Cole Haan Original Grand Tour Golf Shoe

The sleek and classic design of the Cole Haan OriginalGrand Tour golf shoe is a standout feature.

(Image credit: Golf Monthly)

Putting the shoes on for the first time, their cushioning immediately stood out from a comfort perspective. I would also say that if anything they were slightly large size wise, especially in terms of width. There was ample room in the midfoot and heel sections, making the OriginalGrand Tour an option worth exploring for players with wide feet.

On the course for the first time, the shoes felt a little stiff out of the box, and it probably took me about 27 holes to feel like they were fully broken in. After that, however, the comfort I’d expect from a high-end golf shoe was present, and I had no issues with foot pain during or after rounds.

Performance-wise, the OriginalGrand Tour also impressed. The traction pattern of the TPU outsole and the positioning of the soft spikes combined to provide impressive traction in wet conditions and uneven lies, of which there are many in my club, and the shoes also offered a significant stability and support during golf swings and walking between shots.

Cole Haan Original Grand Tour Golf Shoe

The OriginalGrand Tour’s TPU outsole features a highly effective traction pattern.

(Image credit: Golf Monthly)

The OriginalGrand Tour golf shoes are also waterproof, and although I didn’t have a chance to test in the rain, I played early one morning when the grass was covered in heavy dew and my feet remained completely dry.

I also wore these shoes on a few very hot days and found them to be quite breathable. I was concerned that my feet would get hot given the leather upper, but they didn’t and they exceeded my expectations in that regard. I’d also add that the shoes cleaned up nicely after play, although I’d advise staying on top of that, especially in the all-white colorway.

There’s a lot to love about the OriginalGrand Tour, which retails for $200 and is a great option in the spike golf shoe category. I loved the retro look and think these shoes are incredibly stylish, but I would also expect the more traditional design to not be to everyone’s liking. Beyond aesthetics, they were comfortable after a modest break-in period, stable and supportive, and the traction they offered was outstanding. As mentioned, I found them a bit wide so worth bearing in mind, but overall a quality offering from Cole Haan.