Posted on twitter, this photo montage describes quite well the difficulty of the task of the people in charge of the maintenance of our courses to maintain in good condition the greens on which hundreds of golfers go every day!

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This image shows the movements on a putting green of a single game of 4 players. We see an impressive number of steps for what seems very innocuous. With the onset of winter and relatively wet greens, it is everyone’s responsibility to maintain these fragile playing areas as much as possible and essential to the golfer’s pleasure.

James Matthewman indicates in his post that he found this modeling very representative. He insists on the role of greenkeepers during the most complicated periods of the season. He also underlines the importance of ventilation on soils that are very compacted by the incessant trampling of players.

The Rules of Golf are a set of standard rules and procedures by which the sport of golf should be played. They are jointly authored and operated by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, the governing body of golf in the world, with the exception of the United States and Mexico, which are the responsibility of United States Golf Association.

An expert panel made up of members of the R&A and the USGA oversees and refines the rules every four years. The latest revision is effective January 1, 2016. Changes to the Rules of Golf generally fall into two main categories: those that improve understanding and those that, in some cases, reduce penalties to ensure balance.

The rule book, entitled “Rules of Golf”, is published regularly and also includes rules governing amateur status. In Italy, Federgolf is responsible for supervising the competitions by applying the rules issued by the R&A, verifying that these rules are respected by the Clubs, Associations and their members and managing the resulting sports justice, protecting their interests abroad.

The rules of golf are relatively complicated compared to other sports because they apply outdoors, closer to nature and animals. Respect for the rules is a fundamental element of the game of golf, which, almost always based on self-control and the free conscience of the players, often sees distorted results, consciously sometimes, but often unconsciously or by lightness, due to not – respect by many players of the rules of the game.

In addition to the rules, golf adheres to a code of conduct, known as etiquette, which generally means playing the game with respect for the golf course and other players. Etiquette is an essential component of this sport.