The three types of golf. (Photo by City of Grimes)

A first-in-the-nation golf course is planned for central Iowa. The Des Moines suburb of Grimes announces that it will build what is called a MultiGolf park.

Whitney Tucker, the city’s marketing manager, said the park wouldn’t be for the traditional type of golf, but rather three other variations of golf, two of which might be completely foreign to most Iowans. “There’s foot golf where you use a soccer ball to kick the ball into the hole,” Tucker explains. “Park golf is similar to golf. It’s a wiffle ball and a regular golf club that you can hit into the hole, and then the traditional disc golf that a lot of people are familiar with.

Each green on the 14-acre course will feature the traditional chain basket for disc golf, but it will be in the center of a plastic-lined hole large enough to sink a soccer ball. The only other MultiGolf Park in America opened in Texas earlier this year and it’s a nine-hole course, so Grimes executives are hoping the new facility will quickly become a destination.

“It will be the first 18-hole course in the United States and it is also the first MultiGolf park in metro Des Moines,” Tucker said. “There are a lot of people who don’t know about this yet and we are excited to post more information on our website. We also plan to create videos showing people how these different sports can be played. »

The idea for a MultiGolf Park started in Europe with courses in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany, but Tucker predicts Iowans will quickly learn and embrace the new golf options.
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(As above) “We have a very active community, lots of young families with kids who play sports,” Tucker says. “We could see this really attracting people from the Des Moines metro and maybe further afield because it’s such a unique feature.” It is now late in the construction season, so the majority of the work will be done next spring, with the course scheduled to open next summer.