Highlights from each round will be available on the Pac-12 Network, Pac-12 Now app, Pac-12.com and Pac-12 social media platforms

SAN FRANCISCO – Mark your calendars for the 2022 Pac-12 Men’s and Women’s Golf Championships, with the start of the action monday april 18.

the Pac-12 Women’s Golf Championships leaving the Eugene Country Club on monday april 18with the third round of conclusion Wednesday April 20and highlights from all three rounds will be available the evening after the rounds are over on Pac-12 networkthe Pac-12 Now app, Pac-12.com and Pac-12 Social Media Platforms. Recap the event alongside Guy Haberman and AJ McCord during the « Women’s Golf Championship Show” on Thursday April 21 to 6:00 p.m. PT / 7:00 p.m. MT on Pac-12 network,.
The first round of Pac-12 Men’s Golf Championships start on Monday April 25with highlights available the same way each night after the day’s action has ended through Wednesday, April 27, on Pac-12 networkthe Pac-12 Now App, Pac-12.com and Pac-12 Social Media Platforms. Haberman and McCord return Thursday April 28 for the “Men’s Golf Championship Showwhere he breaks down Aldarra Golf Club’s three-day event.

The Champions Conference has three of the four highest-ranked female golfers by Golfstat, with Stanford’s Rose Zhang at No. 1, Arizona State’s Alexandra Forsterling at No. 2, and USC’s Amari Avery at No. 4. Highest ranked Stanford leads the Golfweek poll, followed by Oregon No. 2, No. 7 Arizona State, No. 9 USC, No. 17 UCLA and No. 25 Arizona.

On the men’s side Arizona State is ranked No. 4 in the Golfweek poll, with No. 7 Washington, No. 16 Stanford and No. 25 Arizona completing the top 25. RJ Manke of Washington is ranked No. 4 by Golfstat and has earned two Pac-12 Golfer of the Month accolades this season.

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