The wait is over.

The 18-hole Covington Disc Golf Course officially opened on Saturday at Devou Park with all the grandeur one would expect, including commemorative discs, a ceremonial disc throw and a public tournament.

City officials expect the course to quickly become heavily used.

“We have a lot of people who are passionate about the sport who have been looking forward to the opening of the course,” said Covington Parks and Recreation Manager Ben Oldiges. “We are excited to kick it all off this weekend with a big event and look forward to seeing a massive influx of people come to Devou Park from now on to play disc golf.”

Saturday’s event kicked off with remarks from Mayor Joe Meyer and Vice Mayor Pro Tem/Commissioner Ron Washington and the disc launch ceremony.

Following the disc golf tournament, the course officially opened its doors to anyone wishing to use it.

Oldiges said the course will be open from dawn to dusk, seven days a week. Registration is not required to play.

Hole #1 is up the hill from the Stone Shelter at the intersection of Montague Road and Golfview Drive.

Washington was an early proponent of bringing a disc golf course to Covington and connected city officials with Dr. Ryan Freibert, who plays the sport semi-professionally and has served as a consultant and planner for Covington for the creation of the course.

At Tuesday’s board meeting, he congratulated Freibert, the Parks & Rec staff and everyone who helped create it.

“The dedication of these volunteers has been incredible, the number of hours they have put in,” Washington said. “It’s a big deal…and it’s a very, very good thing for our city. I didn’t realize how popular this sport was until Dr. Freibert instructed me.

Dr. Ryan Freibert, who plays disc golf semi-professionally and was a consultant and planner for Covington, tried out a tee on the Devou Park course during construction. (Photo by City of Covington)

The rules of disc golf are similar to traditional golf in terms of scoring and etiquette, but, of course, the equipment differs. That said, it’s more than just tossing the Frisbee disc we’re all familiar with.

Standing on what is usually a 4-by-6-foot concrete tee box, a player aims their disc at a chain basket placed at least 100 feet from the tee box.

These discs differ from non-competitive discs with a thinner profile and sharper outer edge to increase aerodynamics and distance. Different discs are used for different parts of the course.

Just like with traditional golf, the idea is to complete the course in as few shots as possible.

The City began planning its disc golf course a year ago, and the location and layout of the course was approved by the Devou Park Advisory Committee in November 2021. It is funded by Devou Trust and Devou Properties Inc.

The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) estimates that over one million people regularly play this game nationwide. In Kentucky, there were 1,748 registered PDGA members in 2021, and the state is home to 132 record courts.

Add Covington to that list.

“A disc golf course has been a long time coming to our Covington park system,” Oldiges said. “We think audiences will find it worth the wait.”

Town of Covington