Crowd Network has announced the launch of Beef’s Golf Club, a podcast hosted by fan-favorite golfer Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston.

Johnston will co-present with amateur golfer, podcaster and comedian John Robins, aiming to entertain new and existing golf fans about what it’s really like on the minds of the world’s best players and playing both in both professional and amateur. It launched on September 13, and weekly episodes will be available on all podcast platforms.

Illustration from the Beef's Golf Club Crowd Network podcast

Guests will include professional golfers, comedians and television personalities, as well as those who know and love their golf, with a new topic covered each week. It is hoped that the podcast will attract new golf fans and be enjoyable for those who are already interested.

Johnston said: “I’m absolutely thrilled to be hosting my own podcast. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the sport and I chat with my followers about all things golf – and food too, which will feature on the show. So, being able to do that every week on my own podcast? It really can’t get any better.

Mike Carr, CEO of Crowd Network, added: “It’s fantastic to have Beef join the network. Its stance in the sport and down-to-earth approach make it a brilliant listen, even if you’re not necessarily up to speed with everything golf-related. It could genuinely help improve the inclusiveness of a sport that hasn’t always been considered the easiest to break into if you have little experience of it. That’s exactly what we want to achieve with any Crowd Network show – to create a welcoming community, whatever your interests. We can’t wait for people to listen and see the golf club come to life.