A woman who lives on the golf course where the alleged incident happened said she jumped into a pond to save the bird.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has said it is investigating an incident in which a goose was struck with a golf club at a local golf course on the First Coast.

FWC says the incident involving the Canada geese was reported around Christmas.

The golf course was unavailable for comment on Thursday when News from the first rib to reach.

A woman who lives on the course alleged that the goose was beaten by a golfer. She spoke to News from the first rib anonymously. She said it was not the first time golfers have abused geese.

The neighbor says she jumped into a pond to save the injured bird and brought it to the local bird rescue group BEAKS for emergency care.

BEAKS said the goose wounds matched beatings repeatedly received. He added that the goose is stable and awaiting transport to Ark Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation in St. Augustine.

The woman and a few other neighbors want to help educate golfers on how to interact with geese in order to avoid future incidents.

“One of my neighbors had the idea to put cards in the golf carts like what is now like a menu and we go there, and if the owner allows it and I don’t know, we let’s put instructions on how to treat geese and some geese statistics, ”she said.

The Canada goose is a federally protected species. If a person deliberately injures or kills a goose, they could face third degree felony charges.