The clock tower of a local golf club was destroyed by lightning.

Lightning struck the Garnant Golf Club around 9:20 p.m. on the evening of Sunday November 6.

Firefighters were called and arrived as “the clock tower was completely destroyed…in the course and parking lot”.

The roof surrounding the clock tower, as well as electrical appliances on the grounds, also suffered severe damage.

Telephone lines were damaged, along with the internet, and the club was unable to accept card payments.

A golf club spokesperson said: “The clock tower was completely destroyed and the clock faces blown out across the course and car park. The roof around it was also damaged.

“Severe damage was done to electrical appliances in the clubhouse, owners’ apartment and boiler room, including computers, televisions, specialist sprinkler system equipment, etc.

“Some damage has been sustained to the internal/external structure of the building and therefore repairs are required.

“The damage to the roof is being assessed and is being repaired. The club is fully insured and valuation is ongoing.


“The club is registered with CASK and managed/leased by the members and owned by the board, who have been fully briefed and updated.

“This will not cause the course to be closed and the clubhouse will be fully reopened as soon as possible.

” Fortunately, nobody was hurt. Our clubhouse manager who was on site at the time called the fire department and they arrived quickly, secured the building and covered the main area of ​​damage.

“The GCG Fire Department gave us an excellent response and exceptionally excellent service. Our thanks for their professional and efficient work.

A spokesperson for the Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service added: ‘At 9.36pm on Sunday November 6, teams from Amman Valley and Ammanford attended an incident in Garnant, Ammanford.

“The incident involved the destruction of a clock tower by lightning. Crews involved in isolating the power supply to neighboring properties and rescued the scene using thermal cameras, ladders and general purpose lines.

“The crew provided advice to the owners regarding finding a professional electrician. Crews left the scene at 11:17 p.m.