Grants support five new turf research projects through 2024

Lawrence, Kansas- The Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) Research Grants support five new research projects at universities across the country beginning in 2022. The projects will be funded by research endowments from the GCSAA Foundation and its Fellowship Program. chapter cooperative grants. A new OJ Noer Research Endowment project, a Dr. Michael Hurdzan Endowment project, and a Robert A. Moore Endowment project will receive funding.

The projects, which were selected by a committee that included two members of the GCSAA Board of Directors, superintendents, academic researchers and other professional scientists, will receive a total of $149,957 from a block grant from the Foundation of GCSAA with additional $62,500 in matching funds from GCSAA Chapters participants. GCSAA has 14 additional research projects underway under its program.

The following five research projects are funded for a period of two years:

  • Improved Breeding Strategies for Gray Spot Disease Resistance in Cool Season Turf; by Phillip L. Vines, Ph.D., Rutgers University. Funded by the OJ Noer Research Endowment of the GCSAA Foundation.
  • Breeding and evaluating the shade tolerance of creeping bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera); by Stacy A. Bonos, Ph.D., Rutgers University. Funded by a Chapter Cooperative Research Grant and matching funds from the GCSA of New Jersey Foundation.
  • Developing seedhead control programs for Bermuda grass alleys using plant growth regulators and herbicides; by Jim Baird, Ph.D., University of California, Riverside. Funded by a Chapter Cooperative Research Grant with matching funds from Sierra Nevada GCSA, GCSA of Northern California, GCSA of Southern California, Hi-Lo Desert GCSA, GCSA of Central California, and San Diego GCSA in collaboration with California Turfgrass & Landscape Foundation.
  • Assessment of alternative effective action thresholds for Lance (Hoplolaimus galeatus) nematodes in stoloniferous grass greens; by David McCall, Ph.D., Virginia Tech University. Funded by a Chapter Cooperative Research Grant through the Dr. Michael Hurdzan Research Endowment of the GCSAA Foundation with matching funds from the GCSA of Virginia.
  • Improve our understanding of US FAW populations native to Florida to help improve IPM recommendations for golf courses; by Silvana Vieira de Paula Moraes, Ph.D., University of Florida. Funded in part by the Robert A. Moore Endowment of the GCSAA Foundation.


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