hole in one

Michael Lambert

Mike Lambert holed a hole-in-one Nov. 3 at Pine Springs Golf Club in Tyler.

Lambert, using a pitching wedge, hit the 110-yard No. 7 hole from the golden tees.

The witnesses were George Meisenheimer and Mike Morrison.

Fred Woodruff

Fred Woodruff hit a hole-in-one on Nov. 3 at Tyler’s Hollytree Country Club.

Woodruff, using a hybrid 6, hit the No. 6 hole from 137 yards.

Sam Jenz witnessed the ace.

Joel Bisnette

TROUPE – Joel Bisnette had a hole-in-one on Oct. 30 at Hilltop Country Club.

Bisnette, using a 50-degree wedge, holed the No. 11 hole from 105 yards.

It was his second ace.

Senior scramble to the top of the hill

Date: November 1

Hilltop Country Club, Troop

1, Sue Olson, Coy Olson, Joe Gatzga, Bill Kyle, Stanley Glass; 2, Jim Beau Whitaker, John White, Bobby Burks, Phil Gaddis, Mark Meier.

Senior scramble to the top of the hill

Date: November 8

Hilltop Country Club, Troop

1, Marty Tennison, Bobby Burks, Henry Edwards, John White, Kevin “Chili” Childress; 2, Jim Beau Whitaker, David Alexander, Steve Muller, Carl Loar, Joe Gatzga.

Closest to the hole – No. 1: Chili Childress, 138 inches; No. 12: Chili Childress, 11 feet, 10 inches.

Garden Valley Senior Scramble

Date: November 2

Search Garden Valley Resort & Golf Club

1, John Hartsfield, Ben McMullen, George Sartor, Coach Frederick, under 12; 2, Roger House, Doug Saunders, Steve Kyker, Randy McFarland, minus 6; 3, Gene Henderson, Larry Freeman, Dee Walding, Harvey Owens, minus 5.

Garden Valley Senior Scramble

When: November 9

Search Garden Valley Resort & Golf Club

1, Doug Saunders, Steve Kyker, Coach Frederick, minus 7; 2, JD Huckabee, Ben McMullen, Mark Williams, minus 6; 3, Randy McFarland, George Sartor, Elton Caldwell, minus 4.

HAWL Nine Hole Golf Club

Date: November 4

Game: Throw the worst hole

Hide-A-Way Lake Club, Refuge

First flight – 1, Jennifer Atkinson, 44 years old.

Second flight — 1, Sarah Paulsen, 47; 2, Kathleen Davis, 49 years old.

Third flight — 1, Malinda Hackstaff, 54; 2, Deb Hill, 55.

HAWL MGA Ryder Cup 2022

Date: November 5-6

Hide-A-Way Lake Club, Refuge

The blue team wins

Team captain: Jean Pena

Members of the team: Jon Devereaux, Don Etheredge, Nathan Simmons, Mike Frazier, David Monty, Tony Gumber, Dylan Sims, Jared Johnson, Jeff Harnack, Bryan Montgomery, Jusdson Weaver, Rob Wheelock, Mark Cather, Barry Ward, Mike Collins, Mark Watts, Jack Purl , Gary Peaslee.

Hollytree Senior Men’s Golf Association

Texas Wounded Warriors Foundation Benefit

Format: Scramble for two

1, Don Whitmer-David Anderson, minus 8; 2, John Holt-John McDaniel, minus 7; 3, (tie) Jay Pirtle-George McMann, minus 6; Gary Pittard and Tom Laumeyer, under 6.

WGA 18 Hole HAWL Game Day

Date: November 1

Clearance: Low Gross/Low Net

Route: Center-West

Championship Flight – Gross: 1, Shirley Cassol; 2, Cathey Weaver. Report: 1, Betty Gentry; 2, Pam Graves.

President’s Flight — Gross: 1, Sherry Bunt; 2, Kay Murphy; 3, Judge Cynthia. Report: 1, Mary Anne McKenzie; 2, Tina Gumber; 3, Tanna Stanley.

First flight — Gross: 1, Karen Hallmark. Report: 1, Pat Fengler.

putt — 1, Pat Fengler, 30 years old.

Birdies – West #3: Shirley Cassol; West No. 7: Shirley Cassol.

WGA 18 Hole HAWL Game Day

Date: November 8

Clearance: Low Gross/Low Net

Course: West-East

Championship Flight – Gross: 1, Pam Graves. Report: 1, Shirley Cassol.

President’s Flight — Gross: 1, Mary Anne McKenzie; 2, Dee Hamilton. Report: 1, Tanna Stanley; 2, Betty Thompson.

First flight — Gross: 1, Joel Robinson. Report: 1, Karen Hallmark.

Second flight — Gross: 1, Guyla Sever. Report: 1, (tie) Carolyn Rudiger; Maureen Hudlow.

putt — 1, (tie) Pam Graves, 31; Mary Anne McKenzie, 31; Glenda Howel, 31 years old.

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