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The global golf cart market size is expected to witness remarkable growth till 2027, owing to the large-scale development of theme parks, high-tech smart city projects, hotels, resorts, golf courses and leisure parks. Developing regions like Asia-Pacific are experiencing a steady increase in the number of golf courses as more and more people become interested in the sport. Below is a region-wise view of the expanding trends in global market size:

Asia-Pacific (regional valuation will exceed USD 200 million)

  • Electric golf carts are gaining traction with customers:

Asia-Pacific electric golf cart market share will increase at a considerable rate by 2027. One of the main reasons for this is the growing awareness of the harmful effects of automobile pollution on the environment among citizens. Electric golf carts can help reduce carbon emissions and lower overall operating costs.

Technologically advanced batteries are widely installed which will not only help the golf carts travel longer distances with less power consumption, but also have a longer lifespan compared to traditional ones. These features will support the sale of electric golf carts.

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  • More and more golf courses are paving the way for recreational activities:

Golf courses will hold a huge share of the APAC industry by 2027 as the region has a high percentage of young people. More and more young people are registering for golf tournaments, which has multiplied recreational activities. Also, the growing chain of hotels and resorts has further fueled the production of golf carts to transport guests and luggage.

  • Gas-powered golf carts are in high demand:

Gas-powered golf carts will occupy a major share of the regional market by 2027 as these carts are compact and can carry 2 or more golfers and their golf clubs. Gas-powered golf carts offer a wide range of seating configurations, ranging from 2 to 14 seats. Even though they come with higher operating costs than other golf carts, they are still preferred for their high power and speed, improved climbing ability, and towing capabilities.

Europe (regional valuation exceeding USD 250 million)

  • Role of golf carts in commercial applications:

The business application segment is expected to occupy a significant share of European golf cart market by 2027 as the construction of public infrastructure, such as airports and train stations, progresses at a commendable pace. Additionally, the growing demand for leisure activities has prompted owners of hotels, theme parks and resorts to expand their network.

Golf carts can transport passengers as well as luggage without much effort, which leads to their extensive use in hotels, airports, resorts and amusement parks. Since these carts can greatly reduce the manual workload, their demand will surely increase among commercial end users.

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North America (regional valuation to exceed USD 1.5 billion)

  • Solar powered golf carts are seeing a noticeable increase in demand:

Solar golf carts are expected to hold a major share of the North American market by 2027, as these carts are environmentally friendly. The solar energy captured by the batteries of these golf carts can enable them to travel longer distances. Solar power increases battery life and reduces a golf cart’s dependence on electricity. Solar golf carts also offer better range compared to traditional ones in terms of mileage. They eliminate the risk of overcharging, which will increase their adoption by customers.

  • U.S. Golf Cart Market Forecast Improves:

The United States will hold a significant share of North American industry by 2027, as the country has a strong presence of golf enthusiasts as well as a large number of golf courses. According to a National Golf Federation (NGF) report, in 2020 there were more than 16,100 golf courses at 14,100 facilities in the United States. These numbers will drive the demand for golf carts across the country.

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