Cover story

Should we say “yes” to weddings?

Absolutely! Why maintaining grounds where couples marry can be a big boost to your journey.

Renovate, restore, refresh

The line is king

Grassline changes are some of the most subtle alterations to a course, but they can lead to incredible results.

What can you do yourself?

No matter the scope of a project, there’s always something you and your team can contribute. Veteran turf pro Ron Furlong shares some of his many DIY adventures.

New is more than enough

PGA WEST is in the middle of nine – count them, nine – course restorations designed by some of the biggest names in the game. There are a lot of moving parts.

The small things

After a major renovation, Mission Hills Country Club Superintendent Justin Hunt is focused on the details.

Sometimes it’s personal

Renovating bunkers and other parts of a center course in New York holds special significance for a superintendent and an architect.


Summer is gone, but not forgotten

Great demands, painful heat and humidity, little natural irrigation. We visited the epicenter of a region with high expectations to learn how well-trained superintendents handle the toughest part of the growing season.


More than an equipment manager

When a Wisconsin superintendent needed to fill a key position, he turned to the youngster he knew best.