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It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time for the golfer in your life to start stocking up for 2022. Golf has flourished over the past few years, particularly as an outdoor activity. air, and we’ve put together an excellent collection of gear, accessories, and merchandise that should thrill any gaming enthusiast.

Part 1 was dropped a little over a week ago, but we didn’t have enough room to include it all. So to follow up on that, here is Part 2.

Travis Mathew Crystal Cove 2.0 ($ 125): Travis Mathew always makes high quality gear, and this zipper is perfect for everyday wear or on the go. It is both light and warm and looks great. I’m also a huge fan of what they’ve done with their logo here. It complements their look nicely.

Travis Mathieu

Super Racing Grip ($ 30): I was playing golf with a friend the other day, and he said, “You know what idea I wish we had thought about? Super Stoke.” Same here. All of their takes are great and you can’t really go wrong, depending on what kind of feel you like when you put on. I’m in the middle of the pack with the Pistol 1.0, which sits between the GT Tour and GT 2.0 in terms of size.

Super shot

Bushnell Golf Phantom 2 ($ 130): When it comes to ease of use, it’s hard to beat the Bushnell Golf Phantom 2 GPS device. You can magnetically connect it to your golf cart or carry it around, and it gives the GPS distances to the front and back. the back of the green. A valid alternative to the more expensive options in this particular golf category.


Pottery (price varies): I recently visited Puttery with a friend, and while I don’t think it will become a thing every Friday night for me, I had a great time. The food and drinks were excellent and it is a great place for a date or a party with friends. The courses – think Topgolf but for indoor putt-putt – were fun but not amazing, but this is a place where golf is primarily secondary to spending some quality time with those around us.