1 Nigeria‘s Ekanem Ekwueme was unanimously elected to the Board of Directors of All Africa Challenge Trophy (AACT) Ladies Association as trustee in charge of the West and Central Africa region.

2 News Agency of Nigeria reports that the announcement of the result took place at the Julius Nyerere International Convention Center in Tanzania.

news today in nigerian newspapers

3 The result saw Ekwueme voted unanimously by all West and Central African delegates.

news today in nigerian newspapers

4 Juliet Monyei-Inyere, President of the Ladies Golf Association of Nigeria (LGAN), who confirmed Ekwueme’s victory to the News Agency of Nigeria on Sunday, said she was voted unopposed in the association election. Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Dar es Salaam.

5 “Warm congratulations to our former LGAN President, Ekanem Ekwueme, on her election unopposed to the Board of Directors of the AACT Ladies Association.

6 “She was elected to the Board of Directors as the new Director in charge of the entire West and Central Africa region during the AGM in Tanzania on Friday.

seven “It was indeed a crushing and well-deserved victory for one of our own.

8 “I wish him a very successful four-year term.

9 We are proud of her,” she said.

ten Ekwueme, who is also the only woman certified World Handicap System (WHS) Course Evaluator in Nigeria, Says NOPE that she was delighted to have been elected to the Board of Directors.

11 She added that she would bring all her experience to bear in the performance of her duties for the next four years.

12 “I am truly thrilled and delighted to have been unanimously elected to the AACT Board of Directors.

13 “Indeed, this is not only a victory for me, but also a great victory for Nigeria and all of West and Central Africa.

14 “I hope to bring all the experiences I have been able to accumulate over the years in the performance of my duties in this highly exalted office for the next four years,” she said.

15 NewsSourceCredit: NAN