David Keenan is no stranger to the area’s golf scene. From his high school days with Salt Fork to winning a national title at Parkland, the 29-year-old who now lives in Champaign — with his wife, Kari, and their two dogs — is ready to defend his Twin City golf tournament headline this weekend. Before it starts

Saturday morning at the Champaign Country Club, sportswriter MATT DANIELS caught up with Keenan:

How excited are you for this year’s Twin City tournament?

I am very excited. I was fortunate to be part of the board planning the event. This year, we were able to add about 20 more people than last year, and we are delighted. Really, it’s just a good field this year. Lots of great players coming out and playing multiple events around the state, and we’re all going to Champaign vying for the Twin City title this weekend. It should be fun.

Driving, short game or putting: what is your strong point?

Probably right now for me, but I think I’m pretty smug in most of those areas. I would say one of my strengths is just being fairly balanced and making good decisions most of the time on the course and not really letting one mistake lead to two.

The Twin City field is this year at 70 players after only 49 played in the event last year. How does it feel to be involved in putting the tournament back on solid footing?

I don’t know if it’s something I actively pursued while helping with the tournament, but I really care about the game and want more people to enjoy it. We just want to bring them together as often as possible. As golfers, we have a special brotherhood, and it’s fun.

What is your favorite club in the bag?

That should be my 58 degree angle. That usually means I have a good chance of birdie or saving par. I trained a lot with him at university and I feel comfortable with him.

What would it mean to repeat as Twin City champions?

It would mean a lot. Again, it’s a strong field this year. There are a lot of very talented players, so coming out on top would be special, but to do so for a few years would mean even more. It’s hard to repeat because you get a bit of fanfare and more attention, like this interview. You think about it a little more. I just hope to block all that out and see where I am on Sunday night.

If you win again, how are you

celebrate Sunday night?

Last year, after winning it at Lincolnshire Fields Country Club, we hung out at the pool bar, Stingrays, and filled the trophy with Coors Light. It would probably be listed again.