With temperatures hitting 70 degrees on Monday, golfers flocked to local courses to try and squeeze in one final round before the year, and unusually hot weather, came to an end.

A golf enthusiast since his teens, Radcliff’s Barry Bennett joined Heartland Golf Club Marshal Bob Kohlmeier for a round on the Elizabethtown course.

“This might be the last chance I have to play this year,” Bennett said. “I wanted to take advantage of the good weather and the course is in great shape this year. It will be a good day.

Bennett was among many others to enjoy the playground on Monday, said David Starry, who works at the Heartland Pro Shop.

“The warmer weather brought them out,” he said, adding that the golfers were a fairly even mix of members and guests. “It’s not typical. It is generally cold.

Starry said the club was at around 50% of capacity on Monday but was full on Sunday when temperatures hit 59 degrees.

“We didn’t have a single cart in the parking lot,” he said of Sunday.

Jim Hendrick, director of the Lincoln Trail Country Club, said he sees much the same on the Vine Grove course.

“Business has been great,” he said. “As hot as it has been, we’re going to have a lot of golfers. Everyone wants to play because the weather is good.

Hendrick said tee times filled up as the day went on Monday and he saw large groups of six to 12 golfers.

“The weather is not typical so the golf course is going to be a lot heavier,” he said. “It’s pretty close to what we would have in the summer when the temperatures are around 65, 70 degrees.”

Scott York said Monday’s warm weather is what brought the avid golfer to Heartland for an 18-hole round.

“I play the 50 degree rule,” he said. “It must be 50 or better and it usually cuts me off in November.”

In the summer, York could play up to two rounds a day, but playing that late in December was an unusual treat, he said.

“Usually around the end of December it starts to get cold so I usually slow down,” he said, adding that he also played a trick on Sunday. “When it’s hot like that, I usually try to play once a day.”

Aaron, Courtney and Grayson Bell decided to use their Lincoln Trail membership to take a ride on the course on Monday.

“We played 36 (Sunday),” Aaron said. “We try to get them in while we can. “

The family usually don’t get the opportunity to play as often as they want in the fall due to the athletic schedule of Grayson, 11, so they jumped at the chance to make up for lost time, especially since Courtney was on vacation.

“I planned it well, didn’t I?” ” she said.

Hunter Crick from New York was joining his father and brother, who are stationed in Fort Knox, on a Lincoln Trail tour.

“I have to go back to New York at the end of the week,” he said, adding that it is snowing at home. “It’s really strange the weather at this time of year. “

Although a member of the Lindsey Golf Course in Fort Knox, Ronald Bradford of Vine Grove ended up in Heartland.

“I try to get into 9 (holes) before it rains around 4 am,” he said, adding that his friends had gone to play in Louisville but decided to stay local. “My wife is shopping in Louisville, so I thought I was going to slip away.”

Bradford has said he will also not be playing golf if temperatures drop below 50.

“By this time it’s usually snow on the ground or freezing rain or it’s in the 1930s,” he said. “If it’s clear and around 55, I’m playing.”

Starry and Hendrick said the courses were in great condition and ready to go.

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