Alice Hewson was present at the Aramco Saudi Ladies International to demonstrate and teach the game of golf to six children with disabilities.

The Englishwoman spent time on the driving range on Tuesday afternoon with children from the King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Disabled Children’s Center of the Disabled Children’s Association – Jeddah, who were accompanied by their mothers.

While on the course, Hewson, who proudly represents the EDGA (formerly the European Disabled Golfers’ Association), answered questions, showed the group the clubs in her bag and hit various golf shots.

“I was introduced to EDGA via Instagram, ended up meeting a few friends and getting involved in golf days. One of my sponsors, RSM, is heavily involved with EDGA and supports a large part of their golf days and I’m thrilled to be a part of it and represent them.” she says.

After her demonstrations, the 2020 Investec SA Women’s Open champion joined in the fun games on offer and showed how golf can be suitable for everyone.

“Seeing six Saudi golfers with disabilities today was absolutely amazing,” she continued. “We had such a great time learning the game, and it was great to see these people who normally have to adjust to life, to see golf adapt to them and welcome them into the game.

“All the new equipment opens up the game to everyone, whether you’re sitting or standing, you can have a golf club in your hand and have that satisfying feeling of getting the ball close to the hole.

“That’s all golf is. People ask why we play golf, and that’s it. Being here and being able to experience it.

Steven Troup, Director of Education and Instruction at Golf Saudi, further explained the initiative and how golf should be inclusive for everyone.

“In Saudi Arabia we consider golf to be the most inclusive sport in the world, our goal is to ensure that people with disabilities can feel welcome and participate in golf in its many forms so that the powerful social, physical and mental for health and well-being that golf offers can be experienced by all”, he said.

“Our recent work with EDGA helps us to champion Golf Saudi that message and enables us to create fun learning environments for people with disabilities in all parts of Saudi Arabia where not only are golf facilities equipped with the knowledge of training and means of access, but also bringing golf to schools, disabled people’s associations and the general public, ensuring that no one is excluded.

“Alice is a strong advocate for the benefits of golf and her alignment with the message that we believe golf can be enjoyed for all is clear. To have such inspiring and friendly voices such as Alice volunteer their valuable time means so much to the children, especially their mothers who were present and knew nothing about golf before, now have an incredible hunger to participate more and a strong belief that there is a place in golf for them.