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TL; DR: Until October 12, you can get the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator(opens in a new tab) for just $199 instead of $249.99 — that’s a 20% discount.

Unfortunately, golf is not always a year-round sport. When the weather turns cool or rainy, it is a little more difficult to follow the route. This doesn’t mean you should stop training, just that you may need to switch to a screen.(opens in a new tab) instead of green.

At the low end, many golf simulators still cost thousands of dollars, but that’s with the enclosure, the net, the whole thing. You might be able to get a realistic golf experience for less if you get TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator, and you don’t even have to wait for Amazon Prime Day. Deal Days is a version of Prime Day with a whole collection of amazing deals(opens in a new tab). That’s how you can get TruGolf Golf Simulator for just $199 until October 12 at 11:59 p.m.

Play golf on 97 courses and mini-games

TruGolf uses E6 Connect software(opens in a new tab) to provide a realistic game with detailed analyzes for each move. E6 is widely regarded as one of the best golf simulation software out there, and the TruGolf Mini sensor integrates with it to give you meaningful practice data for every shot. Use the Post-Swing Analyzer to check your clubface angle, angle of attack, swing tempo and club path. It might not be exactly like the real thing, but it’s a fun way to practice that might help boost your muscle memory.

TruGolf gives you plenty of options for how and where you can play golf – 97 of them, to be exact. These include famous courses rendered in 3D and skill challenges for keen golfers. More casual players can enjoy beginner golf modes and board games that combine basic golf skills with fun mini-games. Whether you’re training to wow your golf buddies or trying to get some screen time with the family, TruGolf is designed to please the crowd and a hole-in-one.

Save on a golf simulator with software worthy of a pro

During this Deal Days sale ending October 12, you can get TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator(opens in a new tab) for 20% off just $199 (reg. $249). No promo code needed.

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