Getting a hole-in-one on the golf course is a dream come true for anyone who plays there.

Some golfers, for whatever reason, seem to have better luck than others.

Although former Texas pro Mancil “King of Aces” Davis holds the recognized all-time career mark of 51 holes in one, Jim Moyers, a graduate of Marietta High School in 1956, is his own ace master having drilled 22 holes himself.

” I think that’s it. Some people get them and some people don’t.” admitted Moyers, who is 85 and has been married to his wife Nancy since December 1956.

“My boy played golf, I don’t know how many years, and he never had one.”

A two-time senior club champion (1997-98) at Marietta Country Club where he was a member for 44 years, Moyers is now in his 15th year as a member of the Oxbow Golf Course.

During his prep days as a Tiger, Moyers competed in athletics, basketball, and soccer. He was twice named all-SEOAL on the gridiron and received several scholarships to play football, but a knee injury ended those hopes.

“The last guy from Mississippi State said he’d give me a full ride if I played football, but I was on crutches,” recalled Moyers, who recorded his first ace in June 1962 at ParMar Pines, which is now the Golf Club of West Virginia.

“There was my football scholarship. Nowadays, they do arthroscopic surgery. It was on number 16. I used a 5 iron. I think it was about 165 yards. What made it so weird, I hit the flag about a foot and a half from the flag and it went in. A slam dunk.

Moyers said he didn’t become a golfer until after high school.

“When I was growing up I lived on the west side of Marietta and we went to the vegetable farm and picked the tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce,” he said.

“That’s what I did in the summer. On the east side, they went to the country club and were caddies. They were all one step ahead of me.

In 1959, Moyers said his former teammate and fullback convinced him to go golf for the first time.

“It’s for old people” Moyers told him. “He said I played last week and it was fun.”

After borrowing clubs from his in-laws, he hit the links for the first time.

“If I remember correctly, there must have been at least 50, 55 strokes for nine holes,” Moyers continued.

“Whenever March came (in 1960) I had clubs, a pull cart, shoes, everything. The whole thing works.

Before going to work at the People’s Bank in 1957, Moyers did construction and eventually retired from the bank after 34 years.

Another passion for Moyers was being a football and basketball referee for 41 years.

“I played 24 playoff and championship games in Ohio and West Virginia,” Moyers said. “Curt Warner (from Pineville), I made his playoff game. I think it was in North Marion or somewhere.

“It was muddy as heck and it stood out like a thumbs up. He was a head taller than everyone else and of course he went to the pros.

Moyers said he hit three aces at ParMar and in May 1991 his career total was seven.

The last time he found the bottom of the cup was on October 27, 2021, when he won No. 13 at Oxbow.

He had eight holes in one at Oxbow and “seven I believe at Marietta Country Club.”

The ex-Tiger also has aces at several other courses, including Woodridge in Mineral Wells, Athens Country Club and Brass Ring in Logan, Ohio.

“There were 80 guys in a tournament at Brass Ring and after it was over I was down,” Moyers said. “The pro said what are you doing here. I’m not buying drinks from 80 people.

“He told me to wait a minute. He said you won’t have to buy them, but I had to buy the team and we had 14. Afterwards, everyone expects to have a beer after one of them.

Overall, Moyers admitted “It was fun, but most of them came through here.”

Although every ace is special, Moyers has a memorable pair.

“The stream runs through there and the green was on a hill and it was a very small green. You are even lucky to be on the green,” Moyers said of an ace at Brass Ring. “We played three days there. I don’t think I hit the green at all.

“He was only playing around 165, 164 or something and I hit him on the fly and he went in the hole. In a tournament like this I guess that’s unusual. is probably the best I think I’ve done. It was pretty exciting there.

The other ace that stands out for Moyers is the only one he has ever seen go into the hole, which happened on No. 17 at Marietta Country Club.

He had seen an eye doctor earlier that day and still opted to play golf.

“She dilated my eyes and I joined them from behind,” Moyers said. “I had contacts at the time and sunglasses in them. I still had them and I couldn’t see.

“When I got to 17 on the par-3, I hit the tee shot and picked up the tee and went to the cart. My homie said did you see where it was going? I said on the green. He said he went into the dummy hole.

Whether it was a combination of luck and skill, there is no doubt that the golf gods were on Moyers’ side.

“A lot of people say I played all these years and got close to it and never had it.” Moyers added. “I just said after the one I had when I had my eyes dilated, you don’t have to see it go into the hole, just hit it that way.”

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