The owner of Holly Hill Golf Club says the facility is closed and he is considering selling the property to make up for what he considers a bad investment.

The Orangeburg County Planning Commission is currently reviewing the issue of rezoning the Holly Hill Golf Club property from forestry agriculture to general housing.

After previously giving an initial vote of approval, Orangeburg County Council tabled the second reading of the rezoning at its June 6 meeting and referred the matter to the commission for further study.

Several individuals showed up at the meeting to ask for the rezoning to be stopped, which would allow the development of a single-family subdivision.

Meanwhile, owner Roy Walker, a Walterboro resident, said Wednesday that Holly Hill Golf Club is closed and his plans for the property are pretty clear.

“I’m going to sell it,” he said, noting he wasn’t sure when it was closed.

“I have no idea. I don’t do that stuff,” the 83-year-old said.

He said he expected a fair price for the property.

“Everyone has a check. They want to write a check, but they never present it. I told them a thousand times how to own it. They could own it like I did writing a check,” Walker said. “Everyone has money until it’s time to write the check.”

He continued: “I felt like I stole it as cheaply as I bought it, but everyone thinks I was crazy, [that] I shouldn’t have paid that. I’m not in love with anything in the world. I just like to trade.

While Walker was aware that there might be people who wanted to keep the golf course in the community, he told this reporter to do him a favor in that regard.

“Write me a cheque, ma’am, and you’ll own it and bear their d—mouth.” Write me a check and you’ll support these people. If they had the money, I’m sure they wouldn’t buy this golf course. I’m the only model there,” he said.

Justin VanBogart, co-chair of planning and zoning for Holly Hill, was among those present at the June 6 county council meeting. He called for the golf course property not to be rezoned, saying it is in the public interest to retain one of the city’s few recreational activities.

American Star Development SC, LLC of Sullivan’s Island has requested that the two parcels comprising the Holly Hill Golf Club at 9159 Old State Road be rezoned.

The parcels total 93.59 acres. The property is approximately one mile southeast of the town of Holly Hill.

ACS said the company has no specific plans for the property at this time. It explores zoning possibilities to better determine future development plans.

Holly Hill Mayor Billy Chavis said the future was what he expected in terms of town development. He said Wednesday he had only heard that the golf course was closed.

“We have people still talking the same language, talking about hobbies, but the town of Holly Hill has virtually no dog in this fight. The town of Holly Hill…sold the golf course. So it’s one of those things where if the golf course stays, we want it to stay. If the golf course leaves, the golf course leaves,” Chavis said.

The mayor said: “We don’t even know who it belongs to. … We were not contacted for anything regarding the golf course. I mean, we got some upset locals on Facebook that the town of Holly Hill was behind this, and it’s not within the city limits.

He continued, “So we don’t have a dog in the fight, and we don’t understand how the misinformation is being spread that the town of Holly Hill is behind rezoning across the county.”

The mayor said the city sold the golf course property because it was not making a profit.

“From everything I’ve seen, the town of Holly Hill didn’t sell something that was making a profit. The next owner who bought it from the city didn’t sell it because he was making a profit. … And now the people who own it now, or whoever it is, they weren’t making a profit and said it was time to shut it down,” Chavis said.

Of the price he will accept for the property, Walker said: ‘I will take whatever is as ordered, anything over what I paid. If I can earn 10% on something, I think I did really well.

“My son wants to put a fence around it and put horses on it. He thinks it would be one of the finest horse pastures in the world,” he said.

Chavis said while the golf course “absolutely” adds value to the community, there are limits to keeping it open.

“I will not force someone who does not make a profit [to keep it]. Who’s going to come and buy a golf course that hasn’t made a profit? The golf course could potentially make a profit, but it’s going to cost you money and a lot of time to make a profit.

“Right now, in this economic market that we have right now, this market is gearing up to turn bullish. When it turns bullish and you don’t have the capital to hold on to, you’re going to lose,” the mayor said. .

Chavis said it’s about preparing the city for the future, whatever that looks like.

“I want to give Holly Hill a brighter future, and that brighter future is whoever wants to come in and be a part of it. If it’s a neighborhood, it’s a neighborhood. If it’s a golf course, it will be a golf course,” he said.

“We’re working to get our sewers and our water, trying to get that US bailout law money in the city, trying to get those neighborhoods. We just annexed a property in June for the first time in modern memory,” the mayor said.

He continued: “We are currently working on sewers and water, more annexations of properties within the city limits. We just had the Outer Banks TV show filming at Holly Hill. We don’t wait. This is our future.

The mayor said he would like the golf course to stay, “you can’t force someone to do something if they don’t have the working capital.”

“It doesn’t matter who you bring. Until someone comes along who really knows how to run a golf course, you’re not going to turn [a profit]. Right now, with the price of jobs plus equipment, and with the price of everything going up, people are going to start cutting costs. Do you think they’re going to play golf, or do you think they’ll want to drive to work every day? Chavis said.