American golfer Tiger Woods is widely regarded as one of the greatest golfers of all time. With 82 wins, he is tied for most PGA Tour wins with Sam Snead. He is also ranked second for most major wins, behind Jack Nicklaus (18) by three.

In addition to creating an illustrious legacy, Woods also designed impressive golf courses. He founded TGR Design, a company that seeks to create phenomenal and exceptional golf courses. Woods has designed nine golf courses through the company.

Its golf courses are known to be playable, fun and extremely beautiful. A known fan of classic golf courses, Woods incorporated early 20th century “Golden Age” traits into his designs. He was also keen to place importance on the short course both as a complement to the large courses and giving players a distinct experience.

What is the first golf course designed by Tiger Woods?

Bluejack National (Image via
Bluejack National (Image via

Tiger Woods began his golf course design journey with Bluejack National in 2014. He saw value in the vanished golf course that dated back to the mid-1980s and breathed new life into it.

Bluejack National is located near Houston, Texas, USA. It includes pine trees, majestic hardwoods with pine forests and covers 755 acres of rolling hills and beautiful wooded countryside. Tiger Woods kept playability, shooting, and golfer enjoyment in mind when designing the Bluejack National.

The course offers large landing zones. Fast and challenging course conditions emphasize proper ball placement and tactical approaches to the greens. The greens are designed to be fast, while the surrounding areas are closely mown to encourage the imagination.

Natural lakes and streams provide a memorable play experience. Although it is designed to challenge experienced golfers, it has also been designed to provide a fun experience for golfers of all skill levels.

The ten-hole par 3 “The Playgrounds” course at Bluejack National, in addition to the 18-hole championship course, offers a distinct and unstructured golf experience, ideal for socializing with friends and family or for excellent golf practice. short game.

Certainly, Tigers Woods not only has expertise in playing amazing golf, but also in designing impressive golf courses.

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