Golf enthusiasts from all over the world can request tickets to experience the beauty and traditions of the first major tournament of the year.

Who wouldn’t want to follow the best golfers in the world on one of the most beautiful golf courses on the planet? You’d have to be a millionaire to get tickets to golf’s biggest event, right?


Who can apply for Masters 2023 tickets?

Anyone can apply for Masters 2023 tickets on their official ticket portal, and if you’re lucky enough to be chosen, tickets range from $75 per practice round to $115 for one tournament round per person (with a limit of two tickets per lottery winner ) plus tax.

Around 20,000 tickets are available and around 2 million people apply each year for the chance to see the likes of Jon Rahm, Dustin Johnson and Scottie Scheffler at Augusta National in Georgia. The odds are not great, around 200 to 1, but the alternative is much more expensive.

The difficulty of being rewarded with a day pass in the lottery system has even caused some fans to try to find illegal ways to fix the system.

The ticket request window ends on June 21, 2022, Thus, those interested in running the Augusta National Course will have three weeks to submit their application. Lottery winners will be notified if they are one of the winners when the selection process is complete in July.

How to get Masters 2023 tickets outside of the lottery

If the lottery isn’t working in your favor, you can always try to get daily passes in the secondary market. Prizes for a day pass for a tournament round can cost up to $5,000 if purchased shortly before the tournament.

The best advice would be to try your luck with the ticket lottery in June and if you’re unlucky, you can try to buy a ticket well before the tournament to avoid paying ridiculously high prizes.

Good luck. I hope you have better luck than some of these golf fans: