How to fill 14th place in your bag

You’re only allowed to carry 14 golf clubs in your golf bag at a time, so how do you use each of these slots most efficiently? While 14 clubs are available for every golfer, most only carry 12 or 13 clubs, leaving gaps in your bag that we think you could use more effectively. Here we’ll take a look at seven clubs you should add to your bag to help you play even better golf. Even if you’re already carrying 14 clubs, check out these seven tips to see if there’s a better way to set up your golf bag.

How to fill 14th place in your bag

1. Add another driving club

Have you ever considered having a second ride option in your bag other than your driver? We think having a second option if you’re having a bad day with the driver can help you find more fairways in a game.

We suggest an adjustable 3 wood (most of the best fairway woods are adjustable for loft these days) or something like the TaylorMade Mini Driver. Both of these clubs with a loft of around 12°-13° would still provide plenty of distance off the tee, but would be much easier to hit and should find more fairways.

2. Another wedge with more loft

Wedges are one of the most important scoring clubs in the bag, so having a good setup is important. If you only carry two corners per minute, we highly recommend adding a third corner, preferably a lob corner if you don’t already have one. Although you won’t use it much, a lob wedge will come in handy when you need to gently get the ball up and down quickly beside a green. If you’re already carrying three wedges, it’s okay to add a fourth if there’s room in your pack – even a 64° wedge can come in handy once in a while.

TaylorMade 300 Mini Driver Review

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3. Add a 7 wood to your bag

The humble 7 wood is very much in vogue again, especially on the racetrack. We’ve seen the likes of Leona Maguire, Tommy Fleetwood, Nelly Korda and Xander Schauffele put these clubs to good use, and they’re just as useful for us amateurs as they are for pros. The 7 wood normally comes in with around 21° of loft and is particularly useful off the fairway on long par 5s and off the tee on short par 4s. By its very nature, it pops the ball into the air very easily from multiple lies and having that center of gravity further back arguably makes it easier to hit than even the best hybrid clubs. If you’re approaching the greens from afar and need some extra stopping power, definitely consider adding a 7 wood to your bag.

If you are already carrying 14 clubs and want to make some extra room why not consider splitting the 3 wood and the 5 wood in your bag and adding a single 4 wood. course and will free up space for an extra wedge or iron.

4. Irons

Although you were rightly scared to add a 2 or 3 iron to the bag a few years ago, modern irons are much more forgiving and offer unique ball flight and stroke shape few other clubs in the bag can do it. to reach. The value of a driving iron obviously comes from the tee, but also from the fairway or the rough if you are looking to chase a ball under trees or along a dry fairway. We think these clubs are particularly effective in the summer, as the low ball flight and minimal spin allow the golf ball to travel even farther on a dry fairway.

2021 TaylorMade P790 UDI Utility Iron

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5. Add another hybrid

Many golfers only carry one or two hybrids in the bag and we think it is possible to add a third if you have a space to fill. One of the most common equipment changes golfers make is to remove their 5 iron from the bag and add a hybrid 5 iron instead. These clubs are much more forgiving and will still deliver the same kind of distance, launch, and stopping power that a conventional 5 iron will achieve.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you don’t get along with fairway woods, try adding a 2-Hybrid or an Adjustable 3-Hybrid to the bag to give you that extra distance over the longer clubs in your bag.

6. Grinders

While your ego might have to take a bit of a beating to put a chipper in the bag, there’s no doubting how useful these clubs are around the green. If you regularly find yourself fattening or thinning fries, a chipper is a great solution to help you make more highs and lows. We reviewed the Mazel Chipper last year and were impressed with how it performed on rambling lies in and around the green and, with a decent putting stroke, can justify taking a corner.

7. Add Opposite Dexterity Club

Now, we recognize that this might be a bit of a niche, but if none of the above suggestions appealed to you, why not add an opposing dexterity club to the bag. This will come in handy on the very rare occasions when you are stuck behind a tree and your normal club can be used. As we said, it will be very rare, but who knows when it might come in handy and save you a few strokes during an important round of golf!