Ian Poulter decided to wish an Instagram troll who insulted his son a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Poulter, 45, was at the PNC Championship with his son Joshua watching Tiger Woods and his son Charlie this weekend.

Joshua was lucky enough to hit the ropes and even took a photo with Charlie, which Poulter posted on social media.

Someone decided to post something nasty about Poulter’s youngest son, who is an avid golfer.

Poulter duly replied:

It looks like the Poulters enjoyed watching Tiger up close at the PNC Championship this weekend.

Poulter wrote of the snap with Charlie: “This pic fills me with joy to see our next generation grow up and love this game.

“First love the game, then play it with pride and passion to be the best you can be.”

Earlier in the week, Poulter explained how Joshua collected more than 1,000 golf balls that were going to be donated to charity.

As you can imagine, being the son of a golf professional, little Joshua is unlikely to go without golf balls and equipment.

The 1,050 golf balls are to be donated to the Orlando Minority Youth Golf Association, Poulter said.

What a wonderful Christmas present from the Poulters.