The Ile aux Cerfs, Anahita and Tamarina routes offer different and complementary experiences. An ideal combination of three courses in Mauritius, playable at will with the offers of the local hotel group Sun Resorts, which recently became Sunlife.

Ile aux Cerfs, declarations

Paradise beaches, tropical climate and dazzling volcanic relief: Mauritius is a dream destination for many tourists. It has also become highly sought after by French, European and African golfers.

Indeed, this small piece of land located in the Indian Ocean not far from Reunion has about ten varied courses. The Île aux Cerfs – Anahita – Tamarina trio offers an incomparable combination. There are golf courses that transport you to another world, an experience far beyond just 18 holes.

Ile aux Cerfs is of course part of this category. Because the adventure begins long before you plant your tee at 1. As its name suggests, the Golf de l’Île aux Cerfs is located on the eponymous island.

To get there, there is only one way: take a small boat for about fifteen minutes. But this oasis seems impenetrable at first sight until you reach a small wooden pontoon. You are immersed in a place that is as exclusive as it is unique.

Reputed to be very difficult, the course designed by Bernhard Langer was redesigned to make it more accessible in the mid-2010s. If there is still a great challenge, this par 72 of just under 6000 meters from the whites can be played at almost all levels.

It will offer you many viewpoints on the coast, small bays and exceptional beaches. The fantastic natural environment composed of volcanic rocks, endemic trees, natural ponds and tropical plants will be taken into account on one of the most technical courses in Mauritius.

Named by Golf World Magazine as one of the “10 most beautiful courses in the world”, Ile aux Cerfs certainly deserves this title. You can even console yourself for your (many?) lost balls by escaping, a drink in hand, on a private beach which borders the course.