I am not surprised at the increases in dues and other fees appearing in notices to Cape Town area golfers.

Jared Doerfler’s Perfect Putt, a golf industry website, recently noted that inflationary pressures are hitting golf just as hard as anywhere else. I confirmed his analysis in discussions with local pros and course superintendents.

With fertilizer costs rising 40% annually, along with fuel and labor expenses, Doerfler’s conclusion rings true: “Golf course costs have outpaced the rate of inflation l last year, and it’s starting to squeeze the operating margin. Golf courses are raising prices where they can.


Chuco Golf – Day of the Dead Golf

Andrew Vega and Barry Mize are good friends. Mize was Vega’s best man at the Coloradan’s wedding.

They are also avid golfers who are tired of wearing the brands of golf shirts you see everywhere.

“We wanted to wear our own stuff,” Mize said during an interview at the 2022 PGA Show. This led to the successful creation of their Chuco Golf apparel, featuring a golf-themed sugar skull logo like those seen during Day of the Dead celebrations.

Chuco’s skull sockets are golf balls. Two crossed golf clubs behind the skull complete the look.

Mize said they put the logo on some shirts and enthusiastic golfers almost immediately asked where they could buy them.

Some direct market research methods pay off faster than others.

The logo appears on the left chest in most technical fabric designs, although the Black Scatter version features dozens of skulls spread throughout the shirt. For other options, the logo appears on the right or left arm. It sits in an off-center location on the company’s golf hats.

I love designs that include colorful inserts on the button plackets, making this part of the shirt stand out from the rest of the outfit. Fabric options for men and women include heathered looks as well as solids, color blocks and stripes. Suggested retail prices range from approximately $45 to $59.

The company also offers three junior golf shirts, modeled by Vega’s son on the company’s website. Mize said the sales success of the L’il Chuco shirts was incredible.

The Chuco Golf line is available at multiple locations in the West and Southwest, as well as at PGA supermarkets as far east as Illinois. The company also has a well-designed online store on its website, chucogolf.com.

Mize said the company “would love to come east.”

I’m sure they would be welcome.

Anatomy – Sportswear Comes to Golf

I give a lot of credit to LPGA golfers for how they popularized sportswear styles.

These players understand the physical demands of their sport and dress for freedom of movement and performance in all weather conditions. Many are inspired by the styles of athleisure you see so often off and on the court.

Anatomy is a growing company whose fashion pedigree is well positioned to capitalize on the opportunity created by LPGA golfers.

Founded in 2006 by a former gymnast and her bodybuilder husband, the Miami-based company prides itself on its high-end athletic styles. “Performance athletic and leisure apparel is our DNA,” said Jennifer Thompson, National Spa, Resort & Golf Division Manager of Anatomy. “We like to say that we focus on fit, fabric and function.”

We met at the Anatomy booth at PGA 2022 and chatted about the fabrics and other elements that make up their brand. Thompson said their clients have spoken to them about using the garments while playing golf. The company took the hint and started selling directly to this sector.

She showed me a swatch of Italian Honiara fabric that is used for many of their items, like the Skyler Travel Pants ($228). A performance stretch woven fabric made from 92% polyamide and 8% elastane, the material was also incredibly light to the touch.

Thompson also showed me the Power Mesh fabric which is almost completely transparent and yet, as she put it, “mosquito proof”. The Addison Jacket ($228 SRP) offers UV protection, full sleeves and a double-banded bottom. She suggested it was well suited to early morning rounds where just a little warmth was handy for the first few holes, without lugging around something much heavier for the rest of the day.

Thompson used a banana to illustrate how lightweight and convenient Anatomies clothing is when traveling — according to one of the ads she showed me, two pairs of pants weigh less than the fruit.

Garments are wrinkle-resistant and quick-drying, two essentials for the target audience of active travelers. Anatomy also sells a small packing cube capable of holding three pairs of pants and two jackets, with a combined weight of four pounds. Once unrolled, the form-fitting fabric quickly flattens to a smooth appearance, as demonstrated by Thompson.

Sizes for women range from XS to XL, and the prices are not favorable. The men’s line was launched last year. Thompson said they’re doing a great direct-to-consumer deal on the company’s website (anatomy.com) and the items are also selling at high-end golf stores, resorts and specialty shops. Across the country.