We are thrilled and very fortunate to earn the trust of such an old and respected municipal golf business as Salt Lake City Golf. We are grateful to their management team.

— Michael Suglich, CPA, founding partner of Greenlight Advisors

CHICAGO, Illinois, USA, Nov. 4, 2022 / — Greenlight Advisors, an emerging technology company, today announced the addition of Salt Lake City Golf to its portfolio of public and private golf clubs . SLC Golf offers exciting golf experiences at six full-service public golf courses in the Salt Lake Valley. Together they will work to add more public and private clubs to expand the repository of comprehensive data with which to make the service’s benchmark comparisons even more actionable for all clubs involved impacting their bottom line and financial future.

“Public and private golf courses have experienced significant growth in rounds and revenue since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Michael Suglich, CPA, founding partner of Greenlight Advisors. “The main source of growth has been achieved by significant increases in green fees over the past two years, fueled by an increase in the number of games played. The same is true for Salt Lake City’s six municipal golf courses. Although golf clubs are constantly looking for ways to optimize their performance and measure the competitiveness of the industry, they often struggle to identify who or what information to trust.

Greenlight Advisors, with input from numerous private and public golf courses – including the Salt Lake City Golf management team – has developed golf club benchmarks. This new cloud-based SaaS allows clubs to track their operational performance and benchmark against other courses – illuminating clear and accurate data in a simple and useful way.

The software captures financial and operational data and then places it in a competitive context, enabling club leaders to make clear and informed decisions. The online portal automates the step of moving from data to comparative information, highlighting the data in the form of easy-to-read traffic lights.

Features include the ability to compare a club’s performance against the industry average for public, private or all clubs. The solution also provides annual and monthly financial benchmark reports, KPI reports, budget reports, monthly and calendar starts, as well as a turf quality report with links to drone images, and much more. .

“We are thrilled and extremely fortunate to earn the trust of such an old and respected municipal golf business as Salt Lake City Golf,” said Michael Suglich, CPA, founding partner of Greenlight Advisors. “We are grateful to their management team for their strong partnership and confidence in our Golf Club Benchmark cloud software mission. We are excited to grow our portfolio of public and private clubs to grow operational excellence in the club industry. golf.

While the pandemic may have boosted golf activity in the short term, hard data is critical in determining the future of a golf course. The Golf Club Benchmark software engine helps golf clubs simplify and improve their financial performance, productivity and profitability. Greenlight Advisors has leveraged its 30+ years of accounting and technology expertise to create this easy-to-use data analytics solution that will drive meaningful return for management teams.

Greenlight Advisors searches for public and private golf clubs that are open to unlocking their full potential using Golf Club Benchmark software pricing starts at $195 per month.

About Greenlight Advisors
With over 30 years of experience in the FinTech industry, Greenlight Advisors is a data analytics company that develops cloud-based software. Their software illuminates data from their reports into easy-to-read reports to help businesses make informed decisions and improve operational performance. The company has developed cloud-based software, Golf Club Benchmarks, which allows golf clubs to track financial and operational performance and compare themselves to other clubs to achieve operational excellence.
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About Salt Lake City Golf
SLC maintains six full-service, paradise golf courses in the city. The courses are the highest rated, best maintained and most affordable public golf courses in the country. SLC Golf offers a variety of player development programs including junior golf, adult golf clinics, and private and group instruction. In addition, SLC Golf holds its annual Salt Lake City Open and Salt Lake City Amateur tournaments each year. For more information on Salt Lake City Golf, visit

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