For the editor:

Amid a global recession, historic inflation and tight city budgets, Dixon residents are once again being asked to foot the bill for a failing private golf course.

Kreider Services’ proposal to purchase Timber Creek Golf Course using public funds to continue a failing golf business model is expected to be rejected by City Council.

If these private/public entities felt they had a solid business plan, they would not ask for public money. Additionally, every aspect of the operation will be outsourced. This means that service providers might not even stay local, and you won’t have a say in that.

There are already too many recreational silos in Dixon. We don’t need to create another one in a Kreider partnership. Don’t let the COVID-19 golf bump fool you. These towers are already much reduced. Golf continues to be an expensive and dying sport in America.

Alternatively, this property should become an “active leisure park” with a reduced golf footprint. There should be an addition of walking and biking trails that connect surrounding businesses, neighborhoods and other existing park lands. Disc golf, walking, biking, bird watching, events and two six-hole golf courses (one easy, one difficult) make much more sense given the real recreational needs of Dixon families .

I would rather the City of Dixon and the Dixon Park District acquire the property to create such a park than fund and contract another facility with public funds.

Steven Humphrey Jr.