Furniture World News Bureau on 07/18/2022

The Greater Metropolitan Furnishings Association and its charity partner, the Dean Michael Clarizio Cancer Foundation, reported that their recent GMFA/DMCCF golf outing was a huge success.

“The outing, held at Crystal Springs Resort,” said GMFA Executive Director Tony Bellarosa, “was the largest and most successful outing event in GMFA history.”

More than 140 golfers were on hand to enjoy the day which culminated in a dinner for 270 people honoring Kenny Luthy, the president of Succasunna, New Jersey, Suburban Furniture with a Distinguished Service Award. All net proceeds from the event were used to provide cash payments to families to help pay for cancer-related expenses.

The event, held at Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg, NJ, included a full day of golf, an all-day pool pass, and a paint/wine activity for those who didn’t play golf. . Special room rates include pool and spa facilities.

“It was a great day where friends old and new got to play on a spectacular golf course, honor Kenny Luthy and contribute to a great cause,” noted GMFA President Harris Kirsch. “Luthy is well known for his philanthropic support of organizations such as DMCCF, as well as his kindness and compassion inside and outside the industry.”

Luthy, spoke of the personal struggles faced by five “DMCCF heroes” who received DMCCF checks that night. “Everyone in this room,” he said, “is capable of love, compassion, sympathy and empathy, so tonight we all come together to show you that you are not alone, that you are loved. You have a room full of your biggest cheerleaders, your friends, your family and even complete strangers who are there to support you and encourage you to succeed and tell you: Hey, keep on cheering. fight, improve, we support you. With your strength, you inspire us to be the best versions of yourselves.

Pictured above is Roy Hester, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Planned Furniture Promotions, along with award winner Ken Luthy, President of Suburban Furniture (far right) and his family.

Pictured above, Artie Eisenberg, President, 110 Home Furnishings (left) with Leo Lombardi. Also John Garg, CEO of Jennifer Furniture and his family.

Pictured above are Ann Marie Vignapiano and Jordan Greenberg, President of Apropos Furniture, on the course, along with Jeff Horowitz, President and CEO of LS Direct Marketing.

About GMFA and DMCCF: The Greater Metropolitan Furnishings Association is a non-profit organization designed to foster, promote and protect the interests of retailers, representatives, designers, manufacturers and industries related to furniture services in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Now an all-volunteer organization, the GMFA recently formed a closer partnership with the charity Dean Michael Clarizio Cancer Foundation. This decision freed up all net income from dues and events such as GMFA golf outings, holiday dinner dances, educational and networking meetings to provide cash grants to families of children and adults who face crippling cancer-related expenses. For more information on GMFA visit For more information on DMCCF visit