Jordan Spieth hits a shot Saturday on the 1st hole at Renaissance Club.

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He talked about this week. And then. And where he plans to play golf for the foreseeable future. It’s been that kind of week for Jordan Spieth, and that kind of career. The man was just minutes away from completing his third round at the Scottish Open, and reporters wanted to hear his thoughts on, well, everything.

Part of that, too, is that Spieth isn’t afraid to do the dishes, and Saturday was no different. We will do our best to share.

“Do you sometimes think you land an inordinate number of crazy shots on the golf course?”

Good question. Spieth is magnetized to ridicule, isn’t he? He hit another miracle on Saturday, when, from 108 yards on the 15th at the Renaissance Club, he dropped his ball about 10 feet from the pin, it bounced a handful of times, and it sank for an eagle 2. Still, the question was difficult one; how to answer that?

Spieth still found a few thoughts.

“I’m not sure,” he said. “I mean, I think given the start of my career, most of my shots were taped. Not to say that a lot of the professionals here haven’t gotten a lot of the shots that you don’t. you may not have been able to have it on video.

“Yeah, I try to believe I have a knack for putting it in the hole, but I can and some days that means hitting the ball and some days that means scrambling. I think the ability to try to find a way to shoot lower scores and wanting it has some effect. I’ve had my fair share of breaks over the years. The ones that come in with the right speed are the ones that I come away even happier with.

“I think about creativity, and not just on and around the greens. There are shots here that we wouldn’t even think of playing in the United States, and what I mean by that is how low you fly certain shots, how many clubs you hit, how few clubs you’re hitting from certain distances is pretty uncomfortable knowing there are pins on the corners of the greens, and sometimes it’s just a little hard to believe. Sometimes it’s nice to get here on the links turf and play a few shots in the wind, and before the Open next week.

Jordan Spieth played an eventful corner kick at the Genesis Scottish Open.

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Dylan Dethier

“All golfers want to win in Scotland. What would it mean to you to win here at the House of Golf?”

A layup, right? You can’t answer this one wrong. And Spieth has a chance to win on Sunday, where he enters the final round three strokes behind leader Xander Schauffele, and next week when The Open Championship is played at St. Andrews.

Spieth still found a few thoughts.

“Yes, I had to think,” he said. “I guess my Open was in England, so it wasn’t in Scotland. I think links golf is arguably my favorite type of golf, and I don’t know of any country that has more fantastic links courses than Scotland, obviously being the home of golf. Rich history. This is the history of golf.

“It would be significant to win the Scottish National Championship, but the fact that it is now a co-sanctioned DP World Tour, PGA Tour and Rolex Series Event, I think I just mentioned earlier. , that said, it seems to be one of the biggest international events of the year.

“I’m just happy to be in position. Definitely a much better position than when I finished yesterday’s run.

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Jordan Spieth just got disqualified… from a pro-am?


Zephyr Melton

St. Andrews, seven years since we went. What gives St. Andrews the magic?

Another question you can’t answer wrong, but you can’t answer right without effort. In his only Open Championship appearance at the Home of Golf, Spieth finished one shot on a three-man playoff in 2015, denying him a third straight major win that year and a third straight win overall.

Spieth still found a few thoughts.

“I think the story, but also, I really think the back nine is playing in town,” he said. “I know it’s relatively common for common bond courses, but it’s not very common for what we normally see.

“Hitting a hotel on one hole and trying to keep it out of the cars on the next hole is – it’s probably one of the most relaxing first tee shots, and you think 18 would be the same, and you get to 18 and when there’s something on the line you try to position it perfectly. That’s its own unique test. It might be the easiest major league venue we’ve played in, but that can be one of the toughest given the Scottish weather.

“This year it looks like it could get really firm and fast. The last time we played there we were delayed due to the wind and I don’t think we will have that. But it might have a different set of challenges than seven years ago.

“Just before you were let go, you yesterday reaffirmed your position with the PGA Tour again and obviously denied that you were in conversation with LIV. Do you feel the need to be able to do this so you can focus about your real job?

Hard. The question of the moment, isn’t it? Are you or are you not? We will try to piece this together as best we can.

You already know that PGA Tour and DP World Tour pros are heading to the controversial Saudi-backed league. But Spieth? A website and a Twitter account thought so. Earlier in the week, Golf Monthly wrote that it was considering an offer, then the Twitter account, @secrettourprotweeted on Friday afternoon that he would be leaving for LIV – only for Spieth to tweet hours later that “all reports of me considering competing anywhere other than the PGA Tour are flatly false”. (He also has liked a tweet which criticized the Secret Tour Pro account.)

A day later, Spieth found some pansies anyway.

“No, I think I was just made aware after the series of false reports, and so at that point I think maybe I hadn’t been vocal enough,” he said. declared. “So maybe just set the record straight. It stinks a little that anyone necessarily has to do it, but that’s not really a big deal. I didn’t think it was really that serious.

“I certainly love going to these PGA Tour events, and another one of these tours tomorrow might do that.”

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