Katy Winters, right, poses with the Wichita Area Women’s Golf Association Match Play Championship trophy after beating current Wichita State golfer and Derby native Kenni Henson, left, in the final at Crestview Country Club Thursday.


Katy Winters once again won Wichita’s top women’s golf title, but that was just the start of her Thursday.

After successfully defending her title at the 82nd Annual Wichita Area Women’s Golf Association Match Play Tournament at Crestview Country Club, Winters went straight from the course to her job at Koch Industries in the afternoon.

A few meetings later, when his work for the day was done, Winters went to pick up his children and offered them ice cream.

It all happened on the day of the life of Winters, the extraordinary golf supermom.

“I will definitely find time to celebrate tonight,” said Winters, who was still on the run during his telephone interview with The Eagle on Thursday night. “It’s funny, after coming out of that meeting, (winning) finally started to fit in and I started thinking about my ups and downs on the 13th and 14th.

“Man, that was good,” she added with a laugh.

Golf success is nothing new for Winters (formerly Neugent), a 2008 Andover graduate who was a high school state champion and played Division I golf in Arkansas and Kansas.

After embarking on a professional golf career after college, Winters regained her amateur status in 2018 and has been racking up trophies ever since. She has won the last two City Match Play Championships, making her a four-time City Champion, and also won the Kansas Women’s Mid-Amateur earlier this summer.

On Thursday, Winters relied heavily on her short game to defeat current Wichita State golfer and Derby native Kenni Henson, 3 and 2, in the final.

“There’s such a pool of young talent in the region right now, so every year they get harder and harder to win,” Winters said. “But that makes winning even more enjoyable.”

Not only is the competition improving, as stalwarts like Denise Desilet and Paula Routon, who have combined for 13 city championships, are still playing at a high level and an influx of young talent, but Winters’ life is also busier than ever, working a full time job and raising kids.

Throughout the tournament this week, Winters would finish his game in the morning and then head straight from the golf course to work to end the day.

With the help of her husband, Dan, also a former Division I golfer, Winters found a way to make her busy schedule work while maintaining her skills on the golf course.

“We love playing together and we both love competing and he’s super supportive, so that’s definitely a big part of that,” Winters said. “Since we have kids I hope over time they will enjoy watching me compete and maybe they will come out here and be my caddy. I hope golf will be a fun family activity over the years.

Although the couple’s eldest son, who will turn 3 in August, may not understand how good a golfer his mother is, he has grown fond of playing with the match play championship trophy during of the last year.

He was discouraged when his mother had to return the trophy at the start of the tournament on Monday. One of the highlights of a very busy day for Winters on Thursday was the announcement of the trophy coming home.

“I have some fun photos of him from last year playing with the trophy,” Winters said. “I told him I had to win the trophy again, so when I went to pick it up today and told him I had won the trophy again, he was so excited. So that was really cool. .

Wichita Area Women’s Golf Association Match Play Tournament

Championship Flight

Quarter-finals: Tilma won. Johnsen, 5 and 3; Henson won. Wolff, 5 and 3; Winters def. Desilet, 5 and 4; Heinen def. Knight, 6 and 4. Semi-finals: Henson won. Tilma, 5 and 4; Winters def. Heinen, 4 and 3. Finals: Winters def. Henson, 3 and 2. Consolation: Wolff won. Johnsen, 7 and 5; Desilet def. Rider, 20 holes. Third place: Desilet def. Wolff, 4 and 2.

First flight

Quarter-finals: Bery beats. Welk, 2 up; Mueller won. Hiebsch, 6 and 5; Routon def. Wilbur, 1 place; Sherwood won. Thomas, 4 and 3. Semi-finals: Bery beats. Mueller, 1 place; Routon def. Sherwood, 2 seater. Finals: Bery beats. Routon, 7 and 6. Consolation: Hiebsch def. Welk, 2 and 1; Thomas def. Wilbur, 19 holes. Third place: Thomas def. Hiebsch, 2 and 1.

second flight

Quarter-finals: Grib def. Hager, 5 and 3; Alterman def. Worrel, 3 and 2; Gangel won. Messamore, 2 and 1; Wittrig def. Markey, 2 more. Semi-finals: Alterman def. Gribble, 6 and 5; Gangel won. Wittrig, 5 and 3. Finals: Gangel won. Altman, 3 and 1. Consolation: Hager def. Worrel, 3 and 2; Messmore def. Markey, 7 and 6. Third place: Messmore def. Hager, 6 and 4.

Third flight

Quarter-finals: Bullock def. McCormack, 1st; Fisher def. Komp, 7 and 6; Dome def. Dilsaver-Millan, 19 holes; Slater def. Ast, 8 and 6. Semi-finals: Bullock def. Fisher, 3 and 2; Dome def. Slater, 3 and 2. Finals: Dome def. Beef, 4 and 3. Consolation: McCormack beats. Komp, 5 and 3; Dilsaver-Millan beats. Ast, 6 and 4. Third place: McCormack beats. Dilsaver-Millan, 3 and 2.

fourth flight

Quarter-finals: Arnold won. Parks, 5 and 3; Keller won. Shelton, 8 and 6. Semi-finals: Arnold won. Hélène, 6 and 4 years old; Ebel beats. Keller, 5 and 4. Finals: Arnold won. Ebel, 7 and 6. Third place: Parks def. Shelton, 3 and 1.

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